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Incredibly Fun and Easy Preschool Speech Therapy Activities: Monster Theme

This purple playdough monster with googly eyes is one of the incredibly fun monster themed activities for preschool speech therapy in this blog post.

Amp up the fun with easy monster activities for preschool speech therapy.

What's the secret to planning fun preschool speech therapy sessions that will have kids begging to participate? Incorporating themes: colorful, relatable, and exciting themes! Monsters are incredibly fun for October (or anytime), so invite a few monsters to your sessions and you'll have your preschoolers excited to dive right in.

No worries if your school doesn't allow Halloween-themed activities, I'll note which activities have a Halloween reference. Most don't.

Kick-off your session with some music and movement to capture your preschooler's attention.

Youtube videos are great for this. You'll also find them fantastic for a mid-session break that will re-energize your littles and improve focus.

My favorite preschool-friendly monster videos on Youtube

These 3 cute monsters are featured in the Learning Stations's fun video "Monster Shuffle" which is perfect for a monster-themed movement break in preschool speech therapy.
The Learning Station has lots of great videos to get preschoolers moving.

 Monster Shuffle by the Learning Station. Get 'em up and dancing with this fun video led by three colorful and friendly monsters. 

Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed by Little Baby Bum. Have your kids jump along with the song, then "fall down" with each little monster and you'll burn some mid-session energy for sure. 

Stand Up, Sit Down Action Songs for Children by Fun Kids English has a nice slow pace for your littlest ones.

The Open Shut Them videos by Super Simple Songs feature cute little monsters that teach opposites:

Open Shut Them #2 teaches opposites like happy and sad, hot and cold.

Open/Shut them #4 teaches opposites like clean and dirty, high and low.

What's this, What's that? by Super Simple Songs is great for early vocabulary. Your preschoolers will guess and name the shadow images (dog, cat, grog, etc) in this gameshow-themed video and then watch them come to life in color.

And a Sing-Along version of one of my favorite books!

Halloween Themed Videos:

Ten Scary Monsters by the Kiboomers is a count-down song that repeats "scary" and "monsters" making it great for initial /m/ and /sk/ blend too. 

Monster theme activities for preschool speech therapy. The green monster with the big red mouth who is peeking from the side is the fun character from the picture book Go Away Big Green Monster

Go Away  Big Green Monster is a fun story that empowers children to face their fears and say Go Away!

Read a great monster picture story. 

I definitely think getting the book so you can touch it, show it and even turn the pages together is the best story experience. But if you can't get your hands on a book you need, search Youtube for a read-aloud that lets you see the text. Listen or turn off the sound and read it yourself. It's a great option for teletherapy too! With virtual therapy in mind, I'll link read-alouds from Youtube.

Please note, the links in this post are working now as of October 2020, but if you find one that no longer works later on, please let me know by leaving me a comment so I can fix it. Thanks!

Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberly and Anne Miranda is a story about feelings.

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli  by Barbara Jean Hicks. A fun rhyming book with a refrain of Fum Fo Fie Fee monsters don't eat broccoli!

Go to Bed Monster by Natasha Wing. A little girl who is just not sleepy draws a monster friend to play with!

And my all-time favorite monster book:

Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly. I love the cut-outs in the pictures that "layer" the monster parts as you read. With repetitive text, it's an awesome sound-loaded story for initial /g/ and /m/, syllables and working on sentence length as children repeat "Go away!" Perfect for labeling body parts and talking about feeling words too.

 Read this post for more great ideas on how to use this awesome story in your therapy sessions. Go Away Big Green Monster! Best-Ever Books for Halloween Speech Therapy

Play a Monster Game

Play Pink Cat Studios Build a Monster Game for online fun. You can find lots more internet-based games for other themes in this post: 27 Online Games for Speech Therapy You Need to Know About.

Glue one wiggle eye to the center of each green plastic cup and you have a have fun stack them up and knock it down game. Switch it up by turning them right side up and put them in a grid. Then toss a ping pong ball or large pompom in them. 

Try an easy arts and crafts monster project, and give them more to talk about! 

Tissue Box Monster
Make this easy monster and feed your therapy cards to him! All you need is a tissue box, white construction paper or poster board and, scissors and glue. 

This green tissue box monster with jagged white construction paper teeth is a fun monster activity for preschool speech therapy. The child "feeds" the hungry monster a card after practicing the targeted skill.
Make this easy tissue box monster. He eats cards of course!

Playdough Monster
 Have some sensory fun with playdough and googly eyes. You can give wiggle eye for each response. Whose monster has the most eyes? Who has the least?

A fun preschool monster theme activity for speech therapy. This purple playdough was squished flat, then numerous wiggle eyes were added for some monster fun!
Playdough monster- a simple activity that's lots of fun!

Squish Monster
When you're feeling brave, get out the tempera paint, some construction paper, and make a few "monster parts." Children put the paint on one side of the paper, then "squish" it together. Open it up to see your monster face. They all come out so pretty and unique. Add facial features and you'll have a unique art project to send home. You'll target body parts, action words, color words, and can re-tell how you made it!
A fun monster art activity for preschool speech therapy. This  purple and green "Squish Monster" face was made with tempera paint and cut-out construction paper body parts.

Planning is a snap with these fun monster-themed resources in my store:

These fun resources work great with any monster story you have:

  Go Away Big Green Monster Book Companion Tons of activities to target goals for pre-k to 1st grade including my favorite object function cards (use these ALL the time), WH questions, regular and irregular past-tense verbs, plurals, categories, and following directions. 

A monster-themed dough mat for speech therapy with the words Go Away at the top and Big Green Monster below. Three balls of orange play dough are beneath the words big, green and monster, waiting for a child to smash them as they say the words
Try this smash mat for increasing sentence length and articulation practice!

Monster's Munch Bundle includes a monster prepositions game, an articulation story, and lots of fun language activities. 

Build-a-Monster Articulation Boom Cards target 13 mid-later phonemes in all word positions, blends, and vocalic R too. It gets you a high number of repetitions as kids say their word or sentence each time they drag a body part to make their monster. You can use this activity all year. It's so fun, I found myself slightly obsessed with making monsters!

This child is playing a fun build-a-monster Articulation Boom cards teletherapy activity on a laptop for speech therapy. Articulation words for each phoneme are at the top of the page, this page is for Vocalic R practice. She’ll drag a monster part each time she says her word. #speechsprouts
Build-A Monster Articulation Boom Cards

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A collage of fun monster theme activities for preschool speech therapy including the Go Away Big Green Monster book, monster craft ideas, speech therapy materials and games by Speech Sprouts
Lots of ideas for fun preschool monster activities in speech therapy!

I hope you got a few great ideas for some monstrously fun speech and language therapy sessions!

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear what your favorite monster activities are too. 

Have fun!

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