Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Speech Therapy

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my speech therapy room! Even though we usually don't expect much snow for Christmas in Texas (but it has happened a few years!) our kids still love dreaming about snowmen and sleds and Christmas time.

Here are a few activities going on in my therapy room:

Last week we targeted /st/ blends. Talking about Christmas stockings is a natural. I hid objects beginning with /st/ in a stocking (It's a perfect "feely" bag.) Included were a tiny stocking, a mini book (storybook), a stick, a stamp, a sticker, a star, a stop sign, a stone and a guy named Steve!

Christmas speech therapy ideas for articulation
We sorted some silly "presents" and put the ones that began with /st/ on our "stocking."  (this page is from my Articulation Cards and Activities for ST- with min pairs.)

Christmas Speech Therapy for s-blends

Then we made glittered stockings. While we decorated them. We talked about what we might like in our stocking. This was a great opportunity for category work (candy, toys, games, stuffed animals, etc)

S-blends articulation activities- make a glittered stocking in speech therapy

Next we practiced /st/ blends. We put a second plain stocking behind the first and stapled them to make a pocket. We cut out cards with /st/ words and named them before tucking them in our stockings. For those at sentence level we said "I stuffed a ____ in my stocking."

I created this freebie for you, so you can try it too! Click the pictures to go to Speech Sprouts on TpT and download. You can also use it for describing and phonological awareness sorting as well as Christmas vocabulary. I hope you enjoy it!

Free Stocking Stuffer Craft for speech therapy

Here are some some hints to manage working with glitter: Use a cookie sheet to contain it. Before opening the glitter, take a dryer sheet and wipe down all surfaces that the glitter will contact- cookie sheet, table, maybe even the chairs. This will keep down the static electricity and the mess! I usually make a paper funnel when finished to get the leftover glitter back in the container.

When dry, we stapled another stocking on the back to create a pocket. Then we slipped in pictures of /st/ words. "There's a stamp in my stocking, there's a stop sign in my stocking."

My kids are so proud to take art projects home and tell their parents about it-  it really encourages home practice.

I would love to hear what you do in your therapy room for the holidays!

In the meantime, a girl can still dream about a white Christmas!

Snow in Texas 2010!