My Speech Room

Welcome to my Speech Room! 

I love the variety in my week! At school, I see children from age three through fourth grade. My speech room is hopping with a variety of children who have lots of different needs. I see children with articulation and phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, hearing loss, autism, language disorders, pragmatic language disorders, traumatic brain injury, Down’s Syndrome, fluency disorders and the list goes on. I do pull-out therapy, push-in therapy and love to collaborate in the classroom too. Sound familiar?

Kiss & Go! Parent drop-off zone at school.
Here's my school-love this cute sign!

Stepping "outside the box".

Five years ago, in addition to my more traditional groups and individuals, I designed a new program for my pre-schoolers with the help of a colleague. We wanted to serve our little ones in a more natural, activity-based program to enhance language-learning and articulation carryover. So now, twice a week, I see a morning and an afternoon group of pre-school children for two-hour sessions. I have up to ten children in each session. It is so much fun!

I absolutely love literature and theme-based intervention.

My kids are going strong in theme-based circle and centers with every activity centered around articulation and language targets of the week. Of course, I couldn't do it without my paraprofessional assistant, who is wonderful. I love to incorporate literature, rhymes, music, puppets, hands-on art and games to keep my little ones involved and learning. It's all play with a purpose, and I love it!

Learning is super-sized when embedded in fun, natural activities.


 We create many, many opportunities for speech and language practice throughout the sessions, and I will be talking more in my posts about embedding those speech and language opportunities for natural, fun learning. So please, stop by often and see what's happening in my speech room!


  1. Have just stumbled across your website and I am so happy I did! I am a SLP student studying in Australia and I have been looking for some wonderful resources to help me on my clinic placements. Thankyou!

    1. Welcome! What an exciting time in your education. I see you are already, reading,exploring and gathering new ideas for therapy, so I know you will do great:) That never stops by the way, I still love finding new and fresh approaches to help my children. It's part of what is so awesome about this profession! I would love to hear more about therapy services in Australia, and how the models may compare with the states. Best of luck in your adventures.

  2. I love your site. I’m a parent who cannot afford speech therapy, but your site gave me good ideas. Thank you

    1. Hello! If you feel your child may need speech therapy, reach out to your doctor or school district for a referral. Schools provide evaluations and treatment if needed for free for children age three and up. There are other agencies that provide speech therapy for children under the age of three either free or on a sliding scale. All the best to you and you child!