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Let's take the crazy out of your caseload!

Time-starved SLPs can get totally stressed out trying to pull together a different activity for every goal and every student. It can get nuts. I can help!

I have a passion for using wonderful storybooks and fun themes.

Let’s talk about speech therapy activities that keep our littles busy and engaged so we aren’t managing those behaviors all session! (Sigh). The best activities can be used for a wide variety of learners and levels and are ready to go in a snap. And wow,  it’s a magical feeling when children get so excited, that they don’t even realize they are learning!  

I get how busy you are!

I’m Lisette, a school based speech-language pathologist with a caseload of pre-k to 4th graders, heavy on the preschoolers!

My son had an articulation delay when he was little, and that was my introduction to speech therapy.

His school was having a really hard time finding speech-language pathologists to serve the students. One year, he was seen for only two sessions. (Geesh!) That inspired me to be part of the solution and fill a need. So I returned to school to earn my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology and I've loved it ever since.

We were told in grad school the recommended caseload was around 40. 

Well, that never happened! My first job had me at two schools with 70 plus students. It was a lively mix of many diverse learners and children with lots of different goals.  Scheduling was a challenge, and oh, all the paperwork!  I remember being completely overwhelmed with groups of 5-6 wiggly children all at various levels and needs.

How on earth do you manage to address everyone's goals in those crazy mixed groups? 

I needed a different approach. Worksheets and drill and kill style therapy were just not working for me. It was well... boring. For everyone. I wasn't seeing the progress I wanted and carry-over was poor.

 I've always loved books and stories and imaginative play. And so did my students. I discovered that engaging my student's imagination with hands-on activities worked on so many levels. This was it!

I had precious little in the way of therapy materials, so I scoured the library for wonderful storybooks to build our sessions around and I started creating materials to go with them. We also explored fun themes that fired the imagination and supported my student's classroom instruction. Apples, sharks, bugs, snowmen, and frogs...my children were excited to come and dive in.

My students were so much more engaged and it was easy to address multiple language goals and articulation too.  

Why are themes and storybooks my secret sauce?

  • Off-task behaviors go way down
  • Increased engagement improves progress
  • Planning for a single theme saves time
  • You can address many goals at once
  • Less stress, less mess- no juggling multiple activities
  • Easier scheduling for diverse groups
  • Supports literacy 
  • Supports classroom themes and topics
  • Vocabulary-building
  • A naturalistic, conversational way to address language goals
  •  Encourages new connections to a student's background knowledge
  • Students are learning. Enthusiastically!

After 14 years of creating my own activities for children from PK to 4th grade, I started blogging and began my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. Fast-forward to today, I still love sharing fresh ideas and creating resources that help you meet multiple goals, de-frazzle your day, and have your students asking for more.


A little more about me

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York state. My amazing single mom worked really hard to support me, my sister, and my brother. We didn't have a lot of money, so we learned to create our own fun. I think that was really valuable.

I met my husband when I was 20 and moved to Texas when we got married. My husband and I have two wonderful sons who are grown, and I have a sweet grandson too. My two kitty cats help me when I am on the computer... sometimes too much! (Have you ever tried to get your cursor to move the right way when a cat is laying on your mousing wrist?) I love gardening, singing (I do lots of that with my littles), photography, reading, my furballs, and creating.

After school, I do PRN speech therapy at our local hospital with adults. I really like working with my elder patients. I've done home health, acute inpatient, and outpatient rehab too. It's a busy life!


Visit my store to find super-engaging, easy to implement activities!

Click to find and follow Speech Sprouts store on TpT and have fun looking around. You’ll find comprehensive theme and book companions with hands-on activities to help you target many different skills and levels, plenty of differentiated seasonal speech therapy activities, no-prep and no-print activities too.

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