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35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. #speechsprouts

I rounded up free Christmas ideas and resources that are easy for you to share in teletherapy this December.

This year, 2020 has been tough y'all. You've learned new skills and ways to deliver our services in hurry, and you did it.  I'm proud of you. You are amazing. 

You've been very, very good, and you deserve to have some fun this month! I want you to take back some of the joy in doing therapy with your students and clients. So many of you reached out and told me how helpful my November post was: 29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy.  That's why I know what to get YOU for Christmas. 

I don't want you spending hours scrambling around looking for Christmas teletherapy ideas.

So... I've done it for you! I hope it brings you some cheer. I want you to be able to go home on time (imagine that!) more and spend time with your family and friends. 

No staying up until 1 A.M. searching online for teletherapy ideas for the next week or facing Monday morning knowing you're going to need to wing it because there's been no time to plan. Share this link with your friends who need ideas too... and spread the love. 

So let's get started:

Christmas books to share online for teletherapy

I always recommend getting the hard copy to read to your students, but if you don't have one, I've linked some story readings on YouTube for you. The links all work at the time I'm posting this, but if you find a link later that doesn't work, please leave a comment and let me know.

Preschool/ Kindergarten Books:

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. The pictured Gingerbread Man Book is just one of ideas. #speechsprouts

The Gingerbread Man Retold by Louise Martin
This clastic is awesome for sequencing and re-telling. Practice articulation of  /r/,  /k/, /f/ and s-blends with this story. 

Preschoolers will love this simple Christmas book. Count the Christmas trees up to five and then count down. What sound does each animal make? Is it warm or cold outside? How do you know? Talk about describing words: big, tall, fat, short.

There's repetition of initial /l/ in this story, making it great for older students to practice articulation while reading. Turn off the sound, and have students read it.

This story fun rhyming you expect from the "bear" books by this author. Repetition of the words "the bear stays up" provides opportunities for little ones to participate and practice s-blends. Talk about vocabulary including lair, frown, badger, fruitcake, stoop, droop, doze, quilt. Why does bear want to stay up?

Duck and Goose it's Time for Christmas by Tad Hills.  Talk about winter actions words, negation (not), and answer What doing? questions as the book repeats "It is not time for..."(catching snowflakes, sledding, throwing snowballs, skating, making, building.) 

Elementary Books:

The Elves and the Shoemaker retold from the story by Brothers Grimm and Jim LaMarche
Read by actress Chrissy Metz.
I loved this sweet story as a child! Use it for comprehension, inference, prediction and retelling for your elementary students. For instance: "Why did the Shoemaker and his wife leave presents for the elves?" 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. I bet your students have seen the cartoon, but have they discussed the story? Great for story elements. answering questions, inference. What was Grinch's problem? Why did he put on a Santa suit? What did he think would happen when he took Christmas from the Whos?

This adorable story tells the tall of a lovely huge Christmas tree that needs the very top trimmed to fit, and how each time that happens, someone new is delighted with it. Predict who will get the tree's top next. Talk about rhyming words, the problem in the story, and sequencing.

 Amelia Bedelia books are always great for synonyms. I love having students predict what Amelia Bedelia will do next when Mrs. Rodgers asks her to do something, and why she misunderstood.

Free Christmas Boom Cards for teletherapy

Boom cards are easy to share and interactive for kids if you can give them control on your platform. Here are a few merry freebies I found for you.

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. This Free "What Belongs? Boom Card Deck is just one of the ideas #speechsprouts

What Belongs? Christmas by Looks Like Language

You Say at the Holidays by Activity Tailor Scenarios for holiday social skills

What Gift Am I Getting? by Talkative Teachers  Beginning level inferencing and naming to a description with picture support.

Christmas Vacation Wishes: Early Inferences Freebie by Speech Paige This is the next level in naming to a description... without the picture support. 

December Yes or No Task Card Set by Exceptional Learners

Online Christmas games

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy including the Christmas 4-part picture puzzle game shown an ipad.#speechsprouts

Puzzle Game: Christmas tree by Happy Clicks 
Slide the pieces to complete a 4-piece puzzle. 

Play online or print. 

Collect the Christmas Ornaments by Happy Clicks 
Move the tree to collect ornaments. Great to use as a motivational activity after you practice your goals. Easy enough for your youngest students if they can move the computer mouse from side to side.

Clicking and Tapping Games: Toys by Happy Clicks Find the pictured toy, then click on it. Great for basic toy vocabulary.

ABCya has lots of activities. Be aware that you have to wait for commercials to end before you play.

Click and drag your finger or mouse to put the Christmas lights up outside the house- then turn them on. Fun motivational activity for littles.

Decorate the Christmas tree activity is great for readers. you can create a word search puzzle together using Christmas vocabulary target words, then create, find, and practice! If you have annotation tools, mark the words you find. 

YouTube videos for Christmas

One of my favorite YouTube Channels for great preschool-kindergarten videos is Super Simple Songs. Here are some of my Christmas favorites some of the therapy targets for each:

Peekaboo Christmas Your youngest children will love this adorable video of a kitty cat playing peekaboo. Target articulation of syllables. Great for Where? questions too.

Five Little Elves A simple countdown song. Target s-blends (snow),  irregular plurals (elves)

10 Little Elves targets What doing? questions, verb+ng endings (sewing, painting, sawing, hammering, wrapping, sleeping) 

Up On The Housetop targets position concepts (up, down, top) and Christmas vocabulary (stocking, sleigh, present)

Goodbye Snowman targets articulation of initial /g/, /s/ and /r/ (goodbye, reindeer, Santa)

Santa, Where are You? targets  Where? questions and position concepts (under the tree, in your sleigh, on the rooftop). Target articulation /k/, /l/ and initial J  (repeats look, look)

Jingle, Jingle Little Bell would be extra fun if your student has a bell they ring as they follow along. Target articulation of /l/ (little, bell), initial /r/ (ring), J (jingle), adverbs (fast, slow) and position words (high, low).

What do You Want for Christmas Learn verbs (bounce, spin, ride, jump, and answer What doing? questions.

Five Candy Canes by the Kiboomers Targets initial /k/ (candy cane, could), SH (shook), and /g/ (good).

Christmas movement break videos for speech therapy

Get them up and moving mid-session with these:

We Wish You a Merry Christmas is perfect to target verbs and getting a little movement in! This video targets verbs and What doing? questions (decorating, baking, clapping, jumping stomping, whispering).

Holiday Dance and Freeze by Jack Hartman

Reindeer Pokey by the Kiboomers

More Christmas activities for teletherapy from Speech Sprouts

If you need more variety or  comprehensive activities and this month that can work for both your virtual and in-person sessions, check out these resources, available in my store:

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy this Christmas Bingo game shared on Zoom as shown on a laptop. #speechsprouts

Christmas Bingo Riddles is perfect for your virtual Christmas speech party for multiple ages. Go ahead and double or triple up your groups, with mixed ages and grades. With 30 different boards, you've got this. (My holiday make-up therapy secret!)

Share a Bingo Riddles board on a platform like Zoom for everyone to work on, or assign individual boards in Google Classroom. Then read the rhyming riddle clues while you work on multiple goals: inferencing, listening, naming to a description, vocabulary, and even articulation. You'll use this every year, it's that easy and fun!

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. This ipad is showing a no-print "Where is Rudolph? activity with Santa and a Christmas tree. #speechsprouts

Where is Rudolph? Christmas Prepositions, Categories and Verbs This resource will be a hit with your preschoolers. Show the animated PowerPoint story (You'll need PowerPoint installed on your computer) and then follow up with the many printable activities. My favorite is the plurals puzzle.

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. This ipad is showing a digital Christmas Following Directions Activity with different sizes and colors of Santa and Christmas stockings. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy

Christmas Following Directions is an interactive PDf that's great for your teletherapy platform or using on a tablet in-person. This leveled activity lets students build their skills while finding the items described by 1-3 elements: color, size and object. It includes vocabulary pre-check pages and a bonus motivational tree decorating activity that works on visual memory.

Finally, No-Prep Christmas Speech Therapy Activities is perfect for mixed groups and easy to print and go or use online with annotation tools. There are tons of activities you can use with the included Christmas questions or use it open-ended for any goal.  

35 Terrific FREE Christmas Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. #speechtherapy #speechsprouts

My Christmas wish for you...

May your December be filled with fun, stress-free speech therapy sessions and more time for you and your loved ones. Shine bright!

Happy Holidays!

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15 Terrific Free Hanukkah Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy


15 Free Hanukkah Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy  by Speech Sprouts. A blue and white image with a Star of David garland.

I rounded up free Hanukkah ideas and resources that are easy for you to share in teletherapy this December.

This year is nearly behind us, and I can't wait. For many SLPs, switching to teletherapy in 2020 was brand new, and has definitely not been without its challenges. It's been tough dealing with all the changes that the pandemic has caused. But the holidays will soon be here, and it won't be long until we'll be seeing 2020 in the rearview mirror. 

At Thanksgiving time, many of you reached out and told me how helpful my November post was: 29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy.  

So for the winter holidays, I searched for fun activities for both Hanukkah and Christmas. I want to save you some time, and hopefully help you have a more relaxed and joyful December this year. 

You're in the right place for Hanukkah ideas, check out my next post for Christmas ideas. 

I've got you covered with some fun ideas to talk about Hanukkah in your speech and language teletherapy sessions. 

Here we go...

Hannukah Books for Speech Therapy

Hanukkah in Alaska by Stacey Schuett  Read by actress Molly Ephraim on Storyline Online. 
This lovely story combines a peek at wintertime life in Alaska with the traditions of Hanukkah. Great for vocabulary and wh questions. Compare/ contrast how winter may look different where you live.

 Shmelf discovers that while Hanukkah and Christmas traditions are different, they are really awesome too! Another fun opportunity for compare and contrast. 

You'll find lots of rhyme and rhythm in this story and opportunities to talk about Hanukkah vocabulary.

Hanukkah Bear by Eric A. Kimmel
Bubba Brayna, who can't see well, mistakes Old Bear for the Rabbi who she was expecting to come to visit. Will she figure it out? A fun story that would be great for reading level students to help you read.

Latke The Lucky Dog by Ellen Fischer
A cute story of a shelter dog that is adopted as a Hanukkah present. Latke means well, but tends to get in all kinds of trouble! A fun story for talking about feelings, prediction, and answering Why? questions: Why did mom get mad at Latke? 

Hanukkah Games:

Hanukkah Open-ended Games Freebie  is an awesome Boom Cards Freebie by Mia McDaniel

Hanukkah Dot to Dot by Primary Games. 
Share it and use your annotation tools to create the dreidel for a fun motivational activity. Primary Games has more Hanukkah activities, but be aware there are a ton of pop-up ads on this site.

Hanukkah Songs for Kids on YouTube: 

The Kiboomers have a great collection!

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel,  by the Learning Station, combines the song with a cute story. After listening to the story, work on Wh questions and l-blends (clay, play).

Dreidel Pokey by the Kiboomers is fun for Hanukkah vocabulary!

Hanukkah is Here by the Kiboomers is sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell. It's a nice slow rendition for your littlest ones to follow along. 

I Like to Eat Latkes by the Kiboomers 
What do you like to eat with your latkes? Repeats eat and great for final consonant deletion and r-blend practice.

Practice counting and initial /k/ (repeats candles) with this song.

Light the Candles Bright by the Kiboomers is easy to follow. It repeats "jump up and down" making it fun for a short movement break!

Tip: If you enjoy these activities, it's a good idea to pin the post to your Pinterest boards so it's easy for you to find them again next year.

15 Free Hanukkah Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy. This picture shows 4 dreidels on a short stool.

I hope this helps with your December planning.

Be sure to take a look at my next post if you're needing Christmas-themed ideas for teletherapy. 

These posts are my little gift from me to you. May your December be cozy and warm, with a little extra time to enjoy. 

Happy Holidays!

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29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy

29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy by Speech Sprouts #speechsprouts

I've rounded up 29 free Thanksgiving activities that are easy for you to share in teletherapy. 

This year the search is on for activities to share online... no-prep or easy peasy low-prep activities to simplify your pre-Thanksgiving sessions.  So I've gathered some fresh ideas for you, with an emphasis on engaging activities that are quick and easy to share online with your preschool and elementary teletherapy students. 

If you've been hanging out with me for a while, you know I love literacy-based therapy, so let's...

Start with at least one great Thanksgiving storybook

Here are my favorite picture books for preschool and early grades. I highly recommend you get a copy of the book to share. In teletherapy, you can show it with your document camera (you can use your iPhone for this in Zoom), or an Osmo. 

But in case you can't find a hard copy, I'm linking some read-alouds on Youtube for you. Keep in mind, these links are working as I write this, but if you find one that doesn't work later on, please let me know in a comment. 

Thanksgiving-Themed Books:

Head over to this post to read more about these books and how to use them in therapy: 

Five Best-ever Thanksgiving Books for Preschool Speech Therapy

Food-Themed Books:

  • Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli is perfect for categorization of food/ not food and initial /j/ because yummy and yucky repeat.
  • Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum by Anna Dewdney has lots of food vocabulary to talk about. This reading includes picture symbols too.

Autumn-Themed Books:

  • The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry and the Fan Brothers gives lots of repetition of /sk/ and is a sweet story about friendship.
  • Leaf Trouble by Caitlyn Griffiths is a story about a little squirrel who is worried about the leaves falling. It's great for answering "What happened?", the concept of "down" and color words.

Add a couple online games:

  • The Owlies by Happy Clicks is a wordless video with colorful cartoon Owls for littles. Talk about colors, sizes, night/dark and where did they go?
  • Counting Crops Game by Toy Theatre is perfect for talking about different fruit and vegetables. Describe them, categorize them, count them, and then have fun watching the tractor "pop" them as it gathers them up.

Just for Fun, Motivational Games

Let your kids play a round of a fun fall game after they've answered their questions or practiced their words. These are fun if you can give kids control of the mouse on your teletherapy platform.

Mix it with Video Stories, Songs, and Movement Breaks:

29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy by Speech Sprouts Including the Thanksgiving Dinner Song by the Learning Station shown here. Two children eat their Thanksgiving Dinner as you sing "We eat corn...") #speechsprouts

  • The Story of Thanksgiving by Zebtoonz  A cartoon retelling of the first Thanksgiving as told by the main character "Plymouth Rock." There are mentions of God in this video, so check with your school's policies on religious references in your lessons.
  • Thanksgiving Feast by the Learning Station is a nice slow-paced song to the tune of Frere Jacque that your preschools can sing along with. Lots of food vocabulary.
  • Scarecrow Song by the Learning Station is a movement break song that's sung to the tune of Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around. It starts out slow and speeds up, so with preschoolers, you may only want to do the first 2-3 repetitions. Work on body parts, s-blends, final ch, and r-blends (It repeats scarecrow, touch, and ground). 
  • Hot Potato by Dance 'n Beats Lab is a fun dance movement break for little ones. It would be extra fun to have your parents pop a potato in the microwave 10 minutes before this break. (Not tooo hot of course!) Sing and dance with the video, then explore your hot potato. How does it feel? What can you do with it? 

Find a whole list of great songs and fingerplays for preschool and kindergarten in this post: 14 Songs and Fingerplays for Fall in Preschool Speech Therapy

And add a dash of spice with free Boom Cards! 

  • Open-ended Turkey Race by the Speech Vine is a 2-player game. Use an online spinner or dice to see how many turkeys each player collects. 
  • Create a Scene Thanksgiving Dinner by The Artsy Teacher is great for giving and following directions. Have your kids place the items in the position you name: on, under, next to, between. Work on Where questions too: Where is the ___?
  • Pumpkin Feelings by Autism Little Learners targets feelings words. Children look at the cute animated pumpkin's expression, then find the matching expression/ feeling from a choice of three. 
  • Would You Rather by Speech Bop. Great for answering Why? questions and conversational articulation practice.

If you're looking to stuff your sessions with more activities, check out these Thanksgiving favorites:

You can find these available to purchase in my Teachers pay teachers store:

Thanksgiving picture books, FREE games and more Thanksgiving teletherapy speech activities for kids. The interactive digital Five Little Turkeys story with a red barn and turkeys shown on an ipad here is terrific for preschool and kindergarten teletherapy. #speechsprouts
Five Little Turkeys digital story 

 Five Little Turkeys pack  includes an interactive story terrific for simple vocabulary practice, rhyme, and articulation of /k/, /f/, /v/ and /l/ with the repetition of "Five Little Turkeys." You'll also get printable activities many of which are easy to share on your teletherapy screen such as the "Where is Mr. Turkey?" pages targeting prepositions and questions, and the dot marker turkey for fun. 

Pumpkin Speech Therapy Activities and Digital Story includes Pumpkin, Pumpkin Where Can You Be?  another interactive digital story that focuses on Where? questions. There are no Halloween references, so you can use it for Thanksgiving too. Target plenty of additional goals with the printable (and many shareable) activities. 

Thanksgiving Bingo Riddles are fabulously fun for kindergarten and up! Share a bingo board and read the rhyming riddle clues to play, while you target inferencing, vocabulary, and listening skills. Don't forget to have the kids practice articulation along the way. 

Bingo Riddles are my most popular resources and best-sellers on TpT because they are totally engaging and so versatile for any setting or group. This is a resource you'll use every year for sure, so be sure to check this one out!

Thanksgiving Mixed Group Magic Activities includes plenty of BW pages to share. Use the dot to dot pages, color by number, or mystery dots with your annotation tools in teletherapy. I've included Thanksgiving-themed WH questions for you, or use them open-ended.

I hope you found some fun activities for your pre-Thanksgiving speech therapy sessions!

If you're planning ahead for Christmas sessions like I am, Check out this post: 35 Terrific FREE Ideas for Speech Teletherapy. 
This year, I'm especially thankful for you, and the blessing of you visiting to share my journey, my creations, and the speech therapy treasures I find along the way. Happy Thanksgiving!

29 Terrific FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Ideas for Teletherapy by Speech Sprouts #speechsprouts

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Incredibly Fun and Easy Preschool Speech Therapy Activities: Monster Theme

This purple playdough monster with googly eyes is one of the incredibly fun monster themed activities for preschool speech therapy in this blog post.

Amp up the fun with easy monster activities for preschool speech therapy.

What's the secret to planning fun preschool speech therapy sessions that will have kids begging to participate? Incorporating themes: colorful, relatable, and exciting themes! Monsters are incredibly fun for October (or anytime), so invite a few monsters to your sessions and you'll have your preschoolers excited to dive right in.

No worries if your school doesn't allow Halloween-themed activities, I'll note which activities have a Halloween reference. Most don't.

Kick-off your session with some music and movement to capture your preschooler's attention.

Youtube videos are great for this. You'll also find them fantastic for a mid-session break that will re-energize your littles and improve focus.

My favorite preschool-friendly monster videos on Youtube

These 3 cute monsters are featured in the Learning Stations's fun video "Monster Shuffle" which is perfect for a monster-themed movement break in preschool speech therapy.
The Learning Station has lots of great videos to get preschoolers moving.

 Monster Shuffle by the Learning Station. Get 'em up and dancing with this fun video led by three colorful and friendly monsters. 

Five Little Monsters Jumping on the Bed by Little Baby Bum. Have your kids jump along with the song, then "fall down" with each little monster and you'll burn some mid-session energy for sure. 

Stand Up, Sit Down Action Songs for Children by Fun Kids English has a nice slow pace for your littlest ones.

The Open Shut Them videos by Super Simple Songs feature cute little monsters that teach opposites:

Open Shut Them #2 teaches opposites like happy and sad, hot and cold.

Open/Shut them #4 teaches opposites like clean and dirty, high and low.

What's this, What's that? by Super Simple Songs is great for early vocabulary. Your preschoolers will guess and name the shadow images (dog, cat, grog, etc) in this gameshow-themed video and then watch them come to life in color.

And a Sing-Along version of one of my favorite books!

Halloween Themed Videos:

Ten Scary Monsters by the Kiboomers is a count-down song that repeats "scary" and "monsters" making it great for initial /m/ and /sk/ blend too. 

Monster theme activities for preschool speech therapy. The green monster with the big red mouth who is peeking from the side is the fun character from the picture book Go Away Big Green Monster

Go Away  Big Green Monster is a fun story that empowers children to face their fears and say Go Away!

Read a great monster picture story. 

I definitely think getting the book so you can touch it, show it and even turn the pages together is the best story experience. But if you can't get your hands on a book you need, search Youtube for a read-aloud that lets you see the text. Listen or turn off the sound and read it yourself. It's a great option for teletherapy too! With virtual therapy in mind, I'll link read-alouds from Youtube.

Please note, the links in this post are working now as of October 2020, but if you find one that no longer works later on, please let me know by leaving me a comment so I can fix it. Thanks!

Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberly and Anne Miranda is a story about feelings.

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli  by Barbara Jean Hicks. A fun rhyming book with a refrain of Fum Fo Fie Fee monsters don't eat broccoli!

Go to Bed Monster by Natasha Wing. A little girl who is just not sleepy draws a monster friend to play with!

And my all-time favorite monster book:

Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly. I love the cut-outs in the pictures that "layer" the monster parts as you read. With repetitive text, it's an awesome sound-loaded story for initial /g/ and /m/, syllables and working on sentence length as children repeat "Go away!" Perfect for labeling body parts and talking about feeling words too.

 Read this post for more great ideas on how to use this awesome story in your therapy sessions. Go Away Big Green Monster! Best-Ever Books for Halloween Speech Therapy

Play a Monster Game

Play Pink Cat Studios Build a Monster Game for online fun. You can find lots more internet-based games for other themes in this post: 27 Online Games for Speech Therapy You Need to Know About.

Glue one wiggle eye to the center of each green plastic cup and you have a have fun stack them up and knock it down game. Switch it up by turning them right side up and put them in a grid. Then toss a ping pong ball or large pompom in them. 

Try an easy arts and crafts monster project, and give them more to talk about! 

Tissue Box Monster
Make this easy monster and feed your therapy cards to him! All you need is a tissue box, white construction paper or poster board and, scissors and glue. 

This green tissue box monster with jagged white construction paper teeth is a fun monster activity for preschool speech therapy. The child "feeds" the hungry monster a card after practicing the targeted skill.
Make this easy tissue box monster. He eats cards of course!

Playdough Monster
 Have some sensory fun with playdough and googly eyes. You can give wiggle eye for each response. Whose monster has the most eyes? Who has the least?

A fun preschool monster theme activity for speech therapy. This purple playdough was squished flat, then numerous wiggle eyes were added for some monster fun!
Playdough monster- a simple activity that's lots of fun!

Squish Monster
When you're feeling brave, get out the tempera paint, some construction paper, and make a few "monster parts." Children put the paint on one side of the paper, then "squish" it together. Open it up to see your monster face. They all come out so pretty and unique. Add facial features and you'll have a unique art project to send home. You'll target body parts, action words, color words, and can re-tell how you made it!
A fun monster art activity for preschool speech therapy. This  purple and green "Squish Monster" face was made with tempera paint and cut-out construction paper body parts.

Planning is a snap with these fun monster-themed resources in my store:

These fun resources work great with any monster story you have:

  Go Away Big Green Monster Book Companion Tons of activities to target goals for pre-k to 1st grade including my favorite object function cards (use these ALL the time), WH questions, regular and irregular past-tense verbs, plurals, categories, and following directions. 

A monster-themed dough mat for speech therapy with the words Go Away at the top and Big Green Monster below. Three balls of orange play dough are beneath the words big, green and monster, waiting for a child to smash them as they say the words
Try this smash mat for increasing sentence length and articulation practice!

Monster's Munch Bundle includes a monster prepositions game, an articulation story, and lots of fun language activities. 

Build-a-Monster Articulation Boom Cards target 13 mid-later phonemes in all word positions, blends, and vocalic R too. It gets you a high number of repetitions as kids say their word or sentence each time they drag a body part to make their monster. You can use this activity all year. It's so fun, I found myself slightly obsessed with making monsters!

This child is playing a fun build-a-monster Articulation Boom cards teletherapy activity on a laptop for speech therapy. Articulation words for each phoneme are at the top of the page, this page is for Vocalic R practice. She’ll drag a monster part each time she says her word. #speechsprouts
Build-A Monster Articulation Boom Cards

Pin it for later!

A collage of fun monster theme activities for preschool speech therapy including the Go Away Big Green Monster book, monster craft ideas, speech therapy materials and games by Speech Sprouts
Lots of ideas for fun preschool monster activities in speech therapy!

I hope you got a few great ideas for some monstrously fun speech and language therapy sessions!

Thanks for reading, I would love to hear what your favorite monster activities are too. 

Have fun!

Friday, September 25, 2020

11 Awesome Activities That Will Make Speech Teletherapy Exciting

 How do you keep kids interested and engaged in front of a screen during speech teletherapy?

That's something I've heard a lot in speech and language groups lately. Let's face it, sometimes keeping kids engaged with you when you are a picture on their screen can be hard!

SLPs in the schools (and many in private practice too) have had to pivot on a dime and figure out how to provide therapy services in virtual-only and blended models during the COVID 19 pandemic. It's brand-new territory for most of us. 

With a little tweaking and adaption, most of your go-to activities can work well in teletherapy. 

If you're working with very young children, or children with shorter attention spans, you'll want to change things up and have 2-3 activities lined up per session. 

So if you're new to this virtual therapy model like I was, you may need some extra ideas to jazz up your therapy sessions and keep kids excited to participate. I hope you find some new activities or ways to tweak familiar ones in this list!

11 activities you'll want to try to keep your preschool and elementary students engaged during your teletherapy sessions

1. Read Picture Books 

Always a favorite activity of mine, there are several ways to share a book virtually. 
  • Read a book you have and show the pictures to the webcam.
  • Find a favorite book read aloud on YouTube. Listen or turn off the sound and read it yourself.
  • Project the book: Use an Osmo base and mirror with an iPad (Desiree from walks you through using an Osmo here.) or use a document camera. 
  • Did you know there are ways to use your smartphone as a document camera in Zoom? All it takes is your phone and a few cans of vegetables. WHAT??? The link above will show you how. 
  • You can also share your screen while reading a story from a website with online books like Vooks
I created two lists of books for you that are great for speech therapy. Find them in these posts:

11 Awesome activities to make your speech teletherapy sessions online exciting! Use stuffed animals and puppets like this Five Little Monkeys set in preschool speech therapy. Read the post for more speech and language ideas. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Use puppets and stuffed animals to make stories come alive in speech teletherapy!

2. Puppets and stuffed animals.

Use some puppet or fuzzy stuffed animal friends to help you tell stories. They can be part of the story or they can be a "listener" just like your students. Have a conversation with them. 

Be sure to prompt their articulation, syntax, and language if they mess up a bit  (a great way to model).  Have the puppet talk to your students. If your puppets or stuffed animals forget the rules and interrupt you...(puppets do that, you know) you can seize the moment and teach social skills too.

3. Games

I've pulled out real games like Pop the Pig or Pop up Pirate and "played" the student's turn for them in front of the camera. They still love it! Guess Who, Headbanz, Ned's Head, Apples to Apples... I bet you have plenty of games already you can use. 

Board games? Take a picture or "scan" them with an app like Adobe Scan to share during your sessions. Then use your annotation tools in Zoom to create colored shapes to use as game pieces. Move them around as you play. has awesome online dice and spinners you can use.

You can find free online games to play too. Check out this post for a huge list to get you started: 27 Online Games for Speech Therapy You Need to Know About.

4. Green Screen Activities

This is an activity that's become hugely popular for virtual therapy. If your platform has a green screen capability, it can be a lot of fun. On Zoom, you simply project a photo behind you (I've been down deep in the ocean or up in outer space during speech therapy.) 

If you want to get more involved, make or purchase a green screen to put behind you. Add a pocket and you can pull objects "out" of something in the photo, or put them "in" (for instance, a feeding activity) and make them disappear. You can make items "float" in the air and even make your own magic mirror activity. 

Here's an awesome tutorial showing you how to set up a greenscreen and accessories for speech therapy on YouTube by PlaySpark Toys. Zoom works great, but she also shows you how to use a greenscreen on Google Meet. There are green screen speech therapy groups on social media that share ideas, like this group on Facebook: Green Screen Speech Therapy: Distance Learning

11 Awesome Activities for Speech Teletherapy to address speech and language goals. Try easy crafts like this construction paper spider craft with materials parent already have at home to make your speech therapy sessions online exciting. Read the post for more ideas. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #teletherapy
A simple spider craft for working on s-blends

5. Arts and crafts:

Really? How on earth can you do that virtually? Ask your parents to provide a few simple materials like play dough, crayons, scissors, paper, and glue. Make a paper chain, learn to draw an animal, make a snowflake, do some easy origami.  Just keep it simple and be sure you're embedding plenty of speech and language practice in the activity. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest.

11 Awesome Activities for Speech Teletherapy! Try a movement break mid-session like this YouTube video from the Learning Station to make your speech therapy sessions online engaging and fun. Read the post for more ideas. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Try the Move and Freeze song by the Learning Station

6. Movement breaks!

 Stretch, do jumping jacks, yoga poses, dance to a movement break YouTube video... whatever! Make silly faces too. Who can make the best fish face? Try it mid-session to get your kids alert and ready to focus.

I love The Learning Station for movement breaks. Find The Move and Freeze song on YouTube here.  
Be sure to check out the videos on their channel while you're there, they have sooo many videos perfect for your speech and language sessions. 

7. Try songs and fingerplays with your littles

Stand up and sing a fun song or do a fingerplay together. When you get excited, your kids will too! I've rounded up three great seasonal lists with YouTube links to get you started:

A Wheels on the Bus interactive PDF for preschool speech therapy that's great for speech teletherapy on ipads, computers and whiteboards too. Perfect for back to school speech and language online fun. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #preschool
Interactive Digital PDF's are great in teletherapy.
Sing the song as you explore this fun
Wheels on the Bus Digital Interactive Story

8. Interactive PDF activities

Interactive PDFs are files with clickable pictures and links. Share them on Zoom, used them Google Classroom, or load onto a tablet to use in-person with your students. They are digital and paperless, making them great for in-person therapy as well. Some are combined with printable packets for homework or hands-on activities. 

I have several Interactive PDF's in my store. Take a look to see what these are all about!

If you need a tutorial on how to set up and use your interactive, no-print PDF activities on your computer or iPad, I have you covered in this post: Surviving the Holiday Season: How to use No-Print Activities.

9. PowerPoint Games

If you have PowerPoint on your computer, your kids will enjoy these games. PowerPoint games are stored on your computer, not on a website. 

You can try your hand at designing one yourself, but it's pretty tricky if you're not familiar with creating in PowerPoint. Fortunately, there are many awesome games available on TpT.  Search PowerPoint game, then narrow your search by Subject-Specialty-Speech Therapy. 

Here's a free PowerPoint Coloring Game from Simply Speaking SLT to try out.

 Pink Cat Studios has some open-ended ones on TpT as well, including this free Race to the Haunted House Powerpoint Game.

10. Ipad Apps

You can mirror your iPad or phone, letting you use any fun app for therapy and show what you are seeing on the screen. Students won't be able to interact with the app, but you can tap the iPad for them to make things happen. Sometimes younger children don't even realize you are the one doing it!

My friend Sarah Wu, SLP shows you How to mirror an iPad on Zoom   If you're using another teletherapy platform that doesn't offer this capability, you can mirror your iPad by using a mirroring app. It will stream the view of your screen to your computer, then you can share that on your platform. Search "screen mirroring" in the app store. 

11. BOOM Cards

Boom Cards have become wildly popular among SLPs for several reasons. You can find decks created by SLPs that target the skills you need. Boom decks are interactive... if you can give your students control on your platform, they can click answers, drag pictures, or type answers depending on the set-up of the deck. 

Be sure to download this free Boom Cards deck for learning object function and answering What? questions.  Please leave feedback when you do, I'd love to know what you think!

If you're new to Boom, Boom Cards are paperless, no-prep, internet-based activities that you access through an account at Boom Learning. You can just use their free account to share the decks in your library during teletherapy or send a link to a student to complete as homework by generating what they call a "fast pin." Paid accounts are also available for more options in assigning decks and getting reports on data, but not necessary for using a deck during teletherapy. 

Animated fun! This speech Therapy Boom Card Deck teaches regular past-tense ed verbs, WH questions and pronouns. Read this post for 11 awesome ideas for speech teletherapy and find more exciting speech therapy activities for your online speech and language sessions. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #teletherapy
The pictures in this deck really move!
Fun for learning past-tense ed verbs, WH questions, and pronouns too. 

I'm excited to tell you about the animated Boom Card decks I've created for learning verbs.  

They are made with gifs, so the children can actually see the pictures move! Way more interesting than a static task card. I've also recorded sound cues in these decks: narration of the words and sentences for young children and non-readers. 

Animated! Answering What Doing? Questions with Present tense Verb+ing teaches present progressive verbs, answering questions.

Animated! Answering What Doing? Questions with Regular Past-Tense -ed Verbs targets regular past-tense -ed verbs. You can also practice personal pronouns he, she, and they with these decks. 

Click the link to try them out and you can actually play the first few cards in the decks. They are available to purchase at Speech Sprouts both on Boom Learning and in my Teachers pay Teachers Store.

I hope you found a few new activities in this list that are perfect for your students!

Which of these activities have you tried? Were any new to you? I would love to hear what your favorite teletherapy activities are and if you have any other awesome activities you couldn't do without. Just leave a comment below. Be sure to pin this post so you'll have it for reference later when you're planning out your sessions! 

11 Awesome Activities for Speech Teletherapy! Engage your students online with this animated speech therapy Boom Card Deck that teaches regular past-tense ed verbs, WH questions and pronouns. Read the post to find more exciting speech therapy materials and activities for your speech and language sessions. #speechsprouts #speechtherapy #teletherapy

Stay well, my friends!

Monday, July 27, 2020

27 Free Online Games for Speech Therapy You Need to Know About

Teletherapy speech therapy activities like these 27 open-ended online games make planning easy! Find easy games for toddlers like Colorful Ships and great games for bigger kids like Frost Bite and Basketball. #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy

Online games that are quick to play are perfect for speech teletherapy.

Like many SLPs right now, I'm a newly minted teletherapist due to school closures during the COVID 19 pandemic. After three months of diving into speech therapy telepractice this spring, I quickly realized that I need more tricks up my sleeve to keep my students engaged with me online! Thirty minutes of pure drill time wasn't cutting it. It wasn't long before they started looking at me with eyes that said "What else have you got?" a bunch of you, I'll be headed back to school seeing my students online, at least for now. So it's time to gather up some great resources to keep participation and interest high!

It's important to mix it up with a variety of activities to keep students engaged during online speech therapy sessions.

Especially the youngest ones. Gee- in that respect it's not unlike in-person sessions, is it?

 I may have 2-3 different activities during a session. including books, real games (I take their "turn" for them in front of the camera), puppets, toys for the younger crowd, riddles, and worksheets we could draw or write on with annotation tools. I also love Boom Cards and digital resources like interactive pdfs. I like to get my kiddos up and moving sometimes too. We all need that!

Online games are a favorite activity for my speech therapy students.

No prep for you, fun for them. If you are using a platform like Zoom where you can give your students control, any of these games are great. If you can't give students control, look at the online board games that automatically advance. You can click the dice for your students.

 I keep a document of links on my desktop so I can head over to a great online game quickly during a session. Ready for a list to make your teletherapy planning easier? Here you go!

Here are some of my favorite sites for engaging, quick-play online games.

I've played a lot of games y'all, and I've listed games from these sites that load easily, are quick to play, motivating, and won't take away too much therapy time! You may want to look through the main sites and see if there are more games you love.

Teletherapy speech therapy activities like these 27 open-ended online games make planning easy! Find easy games for toddlers like Build a Monster and great games for bigger kids like Frost Bite and Basketball. #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Pink Cat Studio has 3 great free games and also a subscription.

Pink Cat Studio 3 fun games that you can use open-ended or for words, rhyme and more

Fun Brain Tons of engaging, quick-play games kids will love

Toy Theatre  Fun games, and lots of extras like dice and spinners

For little ones, you'll also want to check out:

ABCya  Lots of "Make-a" games and holiday games for little ones..Some games require flash player.

PBS Kids  Simple games with characters kids like such as Clifford, Sesame Street or Arthur.

Happy Clicks  I love this site of super-easy activities for very young learners

Teletherapy speech therapy activities like these 27 open-ended online games make planning easy! Find easy games for toddlers like the Chicken Game and great games for bigger kids like Frost Bite and Basketball. #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Happy Clicks has simple games for your youngest children just touch or tap to see things happen!

Easiest online games for early learners:

Chicken Game Click your mouse and the colorful chickens squawk, lay eggs, and hatch chicks

Interactive Mr. Potato Head Gret for body parts vocabulary

Make an Icecream build your Ice cream

Fruit Fall Help the farmer catch the fruit in his basket.

Balloon Pop Use the slingshot to pop the balloons.

Feed Freddy Matching Game Feed Freddy the matching colors shapes or patterns and watch him grow!

Simon Sees: Match the monster's reflection in the mirror by changing the pattern of his three eyes.

Helipopper The monster is flying with a helicopter hat. Pop the balloons that match the color of his hat. Requires paying attention to changing hat color. 

Pink Cat Studio has three free games that can be played open-ended (you just click the answer quickly) or for a variety of skills including Wh Questions, CVC words, antonyms, articulation of digraphs, l-blends

Play Build a Monster, Smarty Pants Animal Race or Quiz Wheel Game for free.

Open-ended online games for all grades 

Frost Bite Stick out your tongue and eat snowflakes

Desert Dive: Big Blue and his friend are on a see-saw, drag Big Blue up, and drop him to make his friend splash into the pool.

Spaceship Maze Guide your spaceship through the maze. Starts easy and each maze becomes a bit more challenging.

Turtle Wax Raise and lower the slide, then let the turtle slide down. Can you make him hit the target?

Basketball Aim the ball just right to make a basket!

Play Tic Tac Toe  play the computer or another player

Connect4 Play the computer or another player

Online board games: 

Familiar and fun games for anyone.

Teletherapy speech therapy activities like these 27 open-ended online games make planning easy! Find easy games for toddlers like Build a Monster and great games for bigger kids like Frost Bite and Snakes and Ladders. #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Find games, hidden pictures, puzzles and more at Toy Theater

These games automatically play when you click the dice. Fast and easy!

Snakes and Ladders  Roll the Dice and your game piece automatically moves. Play with 1-2 players, or establish teams in a group.

The Goose Game: Roll the dice to advance. Some spaces are luck, some are not! Up to 6 players

These games require you to move the pieces. Some are strategy games best for older kids.

Checkers for 1-2 players or teams

BackGammon strategy game for older kids

Reversi Another strategy game for older kids. 1-2 players.

Games that are a bit more challenging:

Treasure Dive: The diver must avoid the sea creatures as he collects the gold from the treasure chest.

Word Turtle Create your own word search. Two levels of difficulty. Greate for articulation generating synonyms, antonyms, or category members

Visual Memory Puzzle Study the colored circles on the grid before they disappear. Can you re-create the pattern? Becomes progressively harder.

Poki Cut the Rope Feed the monster strategy game

Find 27 terrific teletherapy speech therapy activities including open-ended online games, spinners and dice that make planning easy!  #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Toy Theater also has great teacher tools you can adapt for speech therapy

Online dice and spinners for any game

Toy theater is great for these. These can be a game in themselves. Who will rack up the most points? Throw the dice or spin a spinner.

Dice: Colorful online dice in many shapes and sizes

Spinners; Choose spinners for either colors or numbers. You can choose how many spaces on the spinner too!

Online games are great to use in in-person therapy too. 

Play them on a  tablet, computer or project them on a whiteboard for instant engagement. Huge bonus- you don't have to lug these around as you travel from school to school or setting!

Don't forget to pin this post to save it for later when you need a fresh, motivating activity for your kiddos.

Grab this list of online speech therapy games for open-ended fun in teletherapy! Make planning easy with games for toddlers, preschoolers and games for older kids too. This will be your go-to list! #speechsprouts #speechtherapygames  #speechtherapy #teletherapy
Free online games for terrific for speech and language therapy.

Are you still needing to provide send-home materials, either printed or virtually?

I hope you've found some games you and your students love. Please leave a comment if you've found any more terrific open-ended games we should know about!

Stay well, my friends,