Monday, October 26, 2015

Try this Easy Story-Telling Craft For Halloween!

I love Halloween! Here's a fun linky for you to gather up some spooky therapy room ideas this week!

Speech Sprouts: Easy Story-Telling Halloween Craft For Halloween! Then check out more frightful ideas at this fun Linky party: Halloween-Themed Language Tricks & Activities for SLPs

I am linking up with the Frenzied SLPs for A Treat of Halloween-Themed Language Tricks & Activities for SLPs

This is one of my favorite Halloween activities for elementary. The kids fold an orange piece of paper and cut while they listen to a story. They love it!  Preschoolers enjoy it too, but you will likely have to do the cutting for them.

Speech Sprouts: Easy Story-Telling Halloween Craft For Halloween! Then check out more frightful ideas at this fun Linky party: Halloween-Themed Language Tricks & Activities for SLPs

Years ago, I downloaded this adorable little book from the Listening Room by Advanced Bionics, The Witch's New House. At the time, the activity was free. The book is by Dave Sindrey. I searched, and see it is still available to members of The Listening Tree, which has listening activities designed for children with cochlear implants. There is a membership fee now, looks like it's $49. I am not affiliated with the Listening Tree, please contact them if you are interested in the book.

The storybook is adorable, if you decide to join and get it. If not, you can make up your own story to go along with the craft.

The story centers around a tiny little witch and her even tinier little cat.

They find a large piece of orange paper while out for a walk. They decided they need a new house, and proceed to work hard at making it. 

I have the children fold and cut with me as I tell the story. Here's how I do it:

Speech Sprouts: Easy Story-Telling Halloween Craft For Halloween! Then check out more frightful ideas at this fun Linky party: Halloween-Themed Language Tricks & Activities for SLPs

First, they fold the paper in half. Then they cut out a door for the witch, one for the cat, and a window too. The witch's hat doesn't fit, so they cut a triangle at the top of her door. They decide to make the roof round.When they are finished, they open up the paper, and what do you know? They have made a pumpkin house for Halloween!

My kids are so excited when they open up their house. 

Even my third and fourth graders!  You can target wh? questions as you tell your story, then have kids re-tell the story when finished. 

Thanks to  Doyle Speech Works  for hosting! Be sure to check out more of our frightful collection of Halloween language ideas! Just click on the links below:

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Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Articulation: Four Fun Ideas!

Fun With Your Autumn Articulation Speech Therapy 

Does the crisp, cool fall weather having you thinking about apples, squirrels and pumpkin pie? (If so, I am totally jealous. It will hit 90 degrees here today in Texas.) 

Fun Fall Articulation Ideas by The Frenzied SLP's
The Frenzied SLPs

Linking up with The Frenzied SLPs

 I have recently joined this fabulous group(yay!), and today they are sharing some of their best fall articulation ideas with you! The linky is hosted by Doyle Speech Works and Twin Speech, Language and Literacy, LLC

You can head over to Facebook and see what they are talking about at the  The Frenzied SLP's. They have fantastic linky parties on various topics for you twice a month to help make your SLP life a bit easier, so be sure and stop by often.

If you have been following me, you know I think using seasonal themes in therapy is a terrific.  

What a great way to combine articulation and language goals, and keep kids interested. For articulation, I like to have a few open-ended activities ready, so it works for my whole caseload. Here are some ideas for you:

Fall Articulation Ideas: Open-Ended Activities by Speech Sprouts
Fall Articulation: Open Ended Fun


Draw or print out a tree. You can use pom-poms (add some tongs for fine-motor practice) bingo chips or playdoh to make apples. Give an apple (or a bit of dough) for each turn. A great idea is to use two colors- red and yellow for instance. Give one color for correct, the other for "try again." Super for data-taking at the end of the session, and a visual for the child to reinforce correct productions. 
For more apple ideas and links to an apple tree freebie on my blog, click HERE.


I love monsters. What kid hasn't wanted to be a monster for Halloween, a spooky, scary, ridiculous-looking monster? I added some construction-paper teeth to this cute tissue box, and presto! I had a great motivational activity. We feed the monster articulation cards. He always smacks his lips and makes loud munching noises when fed. I tell the kids to be careful, because my monster bites. ( I hold the box as they feed him, and sometimes he lunges a bit and make chomping noises! The kids squeal with delight. For more monstrous speech therapy materials, head to Speech Sprouts store HERE. 


I got the web above at the dollar store, and picked up a few sparkly spiders to give for each turn. I always have the kids say their word 5-10 times before getting a spider. The sparkly spiders spin a special spot to live. Are you thinking /sp/ blends? I also have one large spider, and the kids like to pretend that it's the mama. Read about more spider ideas on my blog HERE.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and in the US,  our thoughts turn to turkeys. Why not make turkeys with your kids? Write an articulation word on each feather. You can use construction paper strips for the legs and fold them back and forth, cut out the other parts and glue them on. Google eyes makes it even more fun. The turkey pictured above is from my Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Turkey Time Pack in my store. You can see it and more turkey activities HERE.

Have some great ideas to share about fall articulation?  

We would love to hear from you. Comment here, or link up at the blogs above. Be sure to read the rules in the graphic below. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wheels On The Bus- Transportation Week!

We were singing Wheels On The Bus all last week. What a perfect rhyme for teaching bilabials and it fits right in with a fun transportation theme!

This year I have many new little ones that need the basics articulation-wise. We are working on bilabials /w/, /m/, /b/ and /p/. This theme gave us lots and lots of repetition of those initial /w/ and /b/ sounds.

Wheels Everywhere!

We did some category work as we talked about vehicles that have wheels and vehicles that do not.  Cars and bikes and even planes (the pre-schoolers debated that one).

Interactive Speech Therapy Fun with Wheels on the Bus.
Wheels on the Bus

I created an interactive story

 and showed it on my smartboard with my large group of preschoolers as we sang the song.  I showed it on my ipad later with my kindergarteners and first graders.

You touch the vocabulary picture or arrow to advance the page. The vocabulary is repeated on a "cheering" page. Yippee! Way to Go! You Found it! The  vocabulary was easy but fun for my artic kids, and just right for my language kids. You can find the Wheels On The Bus Story separately, or as part of the whole Wheels On The Bus Interactive Speech and Language Activities pack at Speech Sprouts.

 It was a big hit. We sang the song as we found each vocabulary word: wipers, doors, mommies and of course crying babies going wah, wah, wah. Seriously, I must have sung that song 100 times last week. in my brain!

Wheels on the Bus- Activities for Speech and Language
Foam or Die-Cut Bus Shapes For Fun Activities!
I found these great foam buses this summer at Target in their dollar bargain aisle, I printed out some initial /w/ pictures, taped them on each bus, and placed the buses all over the room. ( If you can't find the foam buses, die-cut buses would work great too).

After the story, we worked on where questions. 

"Where is the bus?" Each child got to go get a bus, bring it back, tell where they found it, and announce what picture they had... "I have a wall on the bus". Anytime they get to get up, run around the room, it's a kid-approved activity for sure.

We worked on half-whole and matching with these great transportation puzzles.

Transportation In Speech Therapy- Half Whole and Matching Puzzle

This unit lasted me the whole week with my pre-k to firsties.

We made minibooks, followed directions, and talked about same and different. We decided who? was on the bus. My kinders loved coloring their bus and outfitting it with wheels that really went round while they practiced telling who? and where?

We sequenced buses by size and decided which was first, second and so on. This activity was also great for comparatives and superlatives: small, bigger, biggest. There were plenty more language activities to meet everyone's goals: following directions, same/different, sound sort, and questions.

By the end of the week, I admit it, I got more than a little tired of buses! But the kids never did.  And I loved how easy it was to plan out the week.

Wheels On The Bus Speech And Language Activities by Speech Sprouts

September and October Can Be Stressful

I get overwhelmed sometimes in September and October. Lot's of gnashing of the teeth as I look at my bulging calendar. Maybe you do too. It's pretty tough with scheduling, new students, evals, ARD meetings, RTI meetings and of course Medicaid billing in addition to therapy.

 I'm really happy when I can grab one themed unit, and make it work for the bulk of my week. So I packed plenty in this unit, and it helped me breathe a little easier.

If you would like to take a better look at this pack, click here for Wheels On The Bus Language Activities. 

I'm looking forward to pumpkins and spiders in the next few weeks, how about you? Thanks for stopping by!