Sunday, August 9, 2015

Taking On New SLP Challenges? Watch out for Cows!

SLPs often are asked to take on new challenges and directions. Did you ever wonder if you were up for something new?

Each student and patient is different, and our scope of practice is quite broad. We treat from birth throughout the lifespan, from articulation to AAC, from swallowing to reading and writing, from autism to hearing to apraxia.

Have you had those butterflies in your stomach, not sure how you will do?

 I want to encourage you to tackle something new this year, whether it's a large or small- you will grow your clinical skills and self-confidence, and be glad you did. So get started and ...

Get some inspiration! Natalie Snyders has a wonderful series of guest posts on her blog, called "Stepping Outside Your SLP Comfort Zone. I am honored to be invited to contribute, and I hope you will stop by to see why I had to "Watch out for cows" as I stepped WAY out side my comfort zone!

You can see my post here at Natalie's blog: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

I would love to hear what you've done outside YOUR comfort zone!

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