Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Fibs Revealed: How Did You Do?

Two Facts and a Fib Blog Hop

I hope you have had fun with the hop- I know I have! Here's my fib, did you guess?


A. One day when I was in kindergarten, I forgot to put on my underwear in the morning, and I was wearing a cute little dress. Guess what we did for gym that day? Somersaults! They sent me to the nurse.

This one's the fib. It really did happen to someone I know, but it wasn't me.Whew!  Don't you love kinders? They can be so funny. 


B. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a forest ranger when I grew up. TRUE.

 Growing up in the Catskill mountains, I loved exploring the woods. I am an SLP now (and love my profession), but I am still a tree-hugger. :)

Beautiful Catskills View. Standing allowed here!

C. At 18, I drove to NYC to attend a concert with 3 girlfriends. 

We were super cautious about finding a place to park on the street, even stepping out to see how far from the curb we were. The “No Standing” sign? Well that meant people weren’t supposed to loiter, right? Car. Towed. TRUE

Getting my car out of "jail" took all the combined cash we had in our pockets. Lesson learned the hard way for this country girl!

I hope you had fun, I know I did. What was your favorite truth or fib from the hop? Were you surprised?

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  1. I have no idea what "No Standing" means!

    1. Oh goodie! It wasn't just me then. The NYC department of transportation says it means "Sign indicates that vehicles may NOT stand at this location. You may not wait or stop to load/unload packages or merchandise at curbside. You may stop to expeditiously drop off or pick up passengers."

      I say it means" You are going to have to pay an exorbitantly high parking ticket after you empty your pockets bailing your car out of jail! The experience was scary, disheartening and very expensive for young teenage me!