Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting Crafty in Speech for Valentine's Day

 I love incorporating arts and crafts in speech therapy!  

I think speech therapy should be hands-on and exciting. Better yet, the kids take home a project they are excited to talk about- built-in home practice.

When I saw an idea on Pinterest for stamping hearts, I knew it was the perfect Valentine's day project for this week.

How does this fit into speech therapy you say?

Let me count the ways....

The children say "hearts" every time they stamp and work on articulation of:
1. initial /h/
2. vocalic r
3. final s-clusters  -/ts/
4. plural 's' too!

Try prompting "pink hearts, red hearts" now you are addressing:
5. initial /r/
6. velars

Say "stamp a heart" and work on:
7.  initial s-cluster /st/

Add a brush and you have:
8. r-blends and
9. "sh" practice.

Verbs: Talk about what you are doing.
10.brush, paint, pop, dip (The hearts sometimes make a bubble that pops. Way cool.)

11. descriptive concepts/ adjectives: wet/dry, empty/full
12. quantitative concepts: many/few, some/all, more/less
13. sequence concepts: what did you do first? next? last?

14. past tense -ed What did you paint? "I painted a red heart."

You get the idea. I have listed  just 14 ways to improve speech and language skills, and I bet you can think of many more. So grab a few empty toilet paper rolls, some paint and get stamping. Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

I linked up over at Old School Speech! To see more creative speech therapy this week, check out the linky HERE.

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  1. Such a great, simple idea that provides an enormous amount of language opportunities.
    Thanks for linking up!