Monday, February 23, 2015

Time to Shop! What's in Your Cart Linkup

Teachers (and SLP's too) are Heroes Sale!

Yea! It's time to go shopping again because Teacher's pay Teachers is having a huge site-wide sale. The theme is Teachers are Heroes. That includes all educators, and of course SLPs too!

You will find most stores are offering discounts, and you will find everything at Speech Sprouts is on sale, up to 28% off when you use the Sale code: HEROES.

The only problem is, there are so many great resources to choose from. I love to see what great finds some of my blogger buddies have on their list. So I am linking up with Jenna Rayburn of Speech Room News to tell you about some of my favorite products you may want to pop in your cart! Read all the way down to find the linky.

Some Spring Favorites from Speech Sprouts

Let me start with a few recommendations from Speech Sprouts. This one is just plain fun!

 I couldn't find many resources to help me teach quantity concepts like each, every, more, and most. My kiddos always struggle with sequence and positions too, such as last, first, second, above, below, behind. So I created this resource, and my kids are loving it. Chock full of critters, cowboys and cowgirls, there is plenty of repetitions to learn important concepts. It comes in full color and B&W versions too, so you can save your ink as you print or send home for practice.

Here are a few of the activities in action:

I also have you covered for spring with  my Five Little Ducks Unit and Easter Bingo Riddles.

Five Little Ducks is huge unit with plenty of hands-on activities for language and artic to keep your littles busy throughout many sessions. Planning done!

If you haven't tried my Bingo Riddles yet, now is the time. My best-sellers, these holiday packs have rhyming riddles to solve. Target vocabulary, rhyme, listening and critical thinking in a game your kids will love! It's awesome for push-in therapy and large group make-up therapy too, because there are 28 different boards.

Stop by and see Easter Bingo Riddles or grab the Bingo Riddle Bundle  at a great discount during the sale. Bonus: buy the bundle now and you will get one free in the fall when I do a Thanksgiving version.


Need a fun open-ended game to take you through three months of therapy? Try Spring Vocabulary Games.With St Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring themes, you can use it with the included language questions or your own targets. 

My cart is filling up too, here's a peek at my list:

For articulation, I would love to try Interactive Articulation Books Bundle by Activity Tailor. Kids love hands-on practice.
Chomp a Word by Miss Gator Speechie looks like fun too. My pre-schoolers will do anything to "feed" an animal.
How cute is One Goose, Two Geese, One Moose Two Meese? I need Irregular Plural Nouns are for the Geese by Lynda SLP123
SLPrunner has me covered for sentence construction with Spring Sentence Scramble. 
Seasonal Attributes Bundle by Activity Tailor has tons of activities for compare and contrast, and if you have Cariboo (which sadly, I don't) you have options in this pack.

Can't wait to check these out!

What's in My Cart Linky Party

Be sure to head over to Speech Room News What's in My Cart Linky to find more great posts. It's a wonderful way to see what real SLP's are recommending!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guest Post at Minds in Bloom: What Teachers Need to Know about Stuttering

 I am so excited to be guest-posting today over at Minds in Bloom. If you have never visited Rachel Lynette's awesome blog, you really should stop by. You'll find tons of great ideas for educators.

My guest post is What Teachers Need to Know About Stuttering.  Many speech-language pathologists report they feel less than completely confident treating and supporting students who stutter. As a low-incidence disorder, many of us just don't see dysfluency disorders that often. I may have 1-2 children who struggle with stuttering on my caseload (which is currently at 65, yikes!) or none at all in a given year.

So when a teacher has a student in their classroom who stutters, they may have even more questions and concerns. Wonderful teachers (and parents too) who want to help may encourage their student to stop, slow down, think about it or start over. (Thank you Nina (Reardon) Reeves for teaching me the pitfalls of that advice!) They may be unknowingly creating more speaking pressure, and actually setting up a situation that may lead to increased stuttering.

 Teachers want to know: What causes stuttering? What can I do to help? Should I remind him/her to use their speech tools? Does it help if finish his thought for him when he gets stuck? Is it better not to call on her in class at all?

Head over to my post and read my tips for teachers, and please share it if you have a teacher with questions about stuttering.

To help teachers establish classroom communication rules that support struggling communicators, I created a free poster. You can download Classroom Talking Rules at Speech Sprouts on Teachers pay Teachers.

Stuttering is a topic near and dear to me, as my grandfather stuttered. It was so misunderstood at the time, and often still is. Who hasn't seen the King's Speech? (Loved that movie.) Can you imagine putting marbles in the mouth to improve fluency? What were they thinking?

What are your experiences with stuttering therapy and support? Do you have any additional tips?  Questions? I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Getting Crafty in Speech for Valentine's Day

 I love incorporating arts and crafts in speech therapy!  

I think speech therapy should be hands-on and exciting. Better yet, the kids take home a project they are excited to talk about- built-in home practice.

When I saw an idea on Pinterest for stamping hearts, I knew it was the perfect Valentine's day project for this week.

How does this fit into speech therapy you say?

Let me count the ways....

The children say "hearts" every time they stamp and work on articulation of:
1. initial /h/
2. vocalic r
3. final s-clusters  -/ts/
4. plural 's' too!

Try prompting "pink hearts, red hearts" now you are addressing:
5. initial /r/
6. velars

Say "stamp a heart" and work on:
7.  initial s-cluster /st/

Add a brush and you have:
8. r-blends and
9. "sh" practice.

Verbs: Talk about what you are doing.
10.brush, paint, pop, dip (The hearts sometimes make a bubble that pops. Way cool.)

11. descriptive concepts/ adjectives: wet/dry, empty/full
12. quantitative concepts: many/few, some/all, more/less
13. sequence concepts: what did you do first? next? last?

14. past tense -ed What did you paint? "I painted a red heart."

You get the idea. I have listed  just 14 ways to improve speech and language skills, and I bet you can think of many more. So grab a few empty toilet paper rolls, some paint and get stamping. Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

I linked up over at Old School Speech! To see more creative speech therapy this week, check out the linky HERE.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine Blog Hoppin' For The Love of Speech!

Join me in some Valentine blog hop fun! 

Hello sweet friends, let's have some Valentine fun. I am collaborating with a group of awesome SLPs  to bring you some great holiday freebies.  

For the Love of Speech Blog Hop was created and organized by the talented ladies behind Speech Owl and Speech to the Core. Hop along with us, and you will be sure to score plenty of free goodies to love.

Here's how it works:

The blog hop will be live from Sunday, February 1st to February 4th beginning at 9 am Eastern.

Head to my Speech Sprouts store  on TPT and download my cute little lovebug game freebie for understanding position concepts. It's a Lovebug Hunt and can be used for open-end fun too! Speech Therapy game

CLICK HERE to grab my Lovebug Freebie and please be sure to leave feedback if you download!

Then head back here, and read through to the bottom to find the next stop in the hop! Easy Peasy.

Here's more to love! If you need a great Valentine listening activity, check out my Valentine Bingo Riddles.

Valentine Bingo Riddles

All my holiday bingo riddles sets feature 28 different bingo boards, making them perfect for either push-in, large group sessions, or small group sessions.

 I don't know about you, but I often have make-up sessions to handle, and this activity would allow you to double or triple-up your groups easily, targeting multiple goals and keeping everyone engaged!

The calling cards have fun rhyming riddles for the kids to guess, then they find the item described on their board. 

Valentine Bingo riddles from Speech Sprouts

I've had fun with my Bingo Riddles sets with Pre-K kiddos to 4th graders. The kids really 'love em. For younger students, you can work on holiday vocabulary by simply naming the item, and showing them the picture to hunt for. Older kids can guess the riddles and  identify the rhymes.

If you decide to pick up a set, please let me know how it worked for you. I love hearing what populations you work with and would be thrilled to see some photos of  it in use in your therapy room. 

I am also joining several of my friends in offering a 50% discount on one product in honor of all the football fun going on this weekend!

Snag my Winter Vocabulary Games for 50% off February 1st only! You get 3 fun, open-ended games: Christmas, Winter and Valentines, so this is a product that can be used for 3 months! Kids draw the letters to spell the word, but watch out! There are a few tricky game cards mixed in. Included is a list of seasonal vocabulary questions to make it easy for you to hit those goals. There is also a jig for spelling you can use with your non-readers, so PK-5th can enjoy.
Three open-ended games
You get four letter mats
Spell Hearts to win the game!

After you have looked around Speech Sprouts, head back here and click the graphic below to direct you to the next stop in the hop.

 Next Stop, BSL Speech Language

Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!