Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crazy Busy December? Your SLP Survival Guide.

Are there ever enough hours in the day?

Therapy, reports, shopping, cooking, assessments, wrapping,  baking,  documentation, billing, parties, decorating,  more work.... you know the drill! I love the holidays, I really do. But it can stress you out, with everything that has to be done. How to survive it?

Take advantage of the great products available on Teachers pay Teachers to make your December easier, and you concentrate on family rather than therapy planning. Tpt sellers have done the work for you, yea! 

The TpT Cyber Sale coming December 1st-2nd. Planning done? Check! And at bargain prices too! Be sure to use the code TPTCYBER to get the full discount.

Stop by Speech Sprouts Store and pop some of these goodies in your cart, and you will have December (and beyond) all wrapped up!

My kids adore this book. At night while the world is sleeping, these snowmen go out and have the most frozen fun ever! The story sparks the young imagination, and everyone loves to take turns telling what THEY would do if they were a snowman at night. 

 This pack has so many activities, you will find something for all the PK- 4th graders on your caseload.  Wh? and Yes/No questions, categories, story sequencing and re-tell, prediction, inference, definitions, phonological awareness and articulation of s-blends, r, l, and s! 

Will you be the first one to build your snowman? The Build a Snowman Game is a hit with all ages. Roll the dice and collect the snowman parts. Or color, cut and assemble your own for a craftivity. 

Need an open-ended game? 

 Pick up Winter Vocabulary Games and you get 3 games in one: one for December, January and February! The kids love drawing the cards to see who can be the first to spell the word (Santa, Winter or Hearts)

Do you have little ones on your caseload?

I have plenty! Age 3 to first graders will love Where is Rudolph? Interactive Story and Language Activities

I do push-in services as well as pull-out services for my littles. I love creating packs that are versatile, so I can pull one resource and be set. Where is Rudolph? has me covered!

I wrote this cute repetitive story to target Where? questions. The kids love lifting the Velcroed story pieces to see if they can find Rudolph. They join in as I read "Is he under the _____? No, he's not! But no worries, Santa does find him in time for his midnight ride!

The story is also presented in an animated PowerPoint version- go paperless if you like. After the story, choose from activities to cover prepositions, Hot/Cold categories, same/different, associations, plurals, phonological awareness, and story re-tell. Puzzles, game, dot marker sheets, dough mats... this one resource may be all you need for your littles.

Need a fun Christmas activity for groups? 


Push in to the classroom, have small group fun or double up groups to get your caseload covered. You can handle it with Christmas Bingo Riddles.

This resource was in my last post,What's in Your Cart? but it bears repeating. My kiddos literally beg to play Bingo riddles, and the Christmas version is loads of fun. With 28 boards, you can target listening, critical thinking, describing, rhyme and vocabulary with any size group. Yea! Awesome therapy session accomplished.

Savings Supersized!

If you love riddles, you might want to grab the Speech Therapy Bingo Riddles 4-Holiday Pack to save $. It will be on sale for over 40% off the price of the individual packs. WOW!!

Here's another great bundle, Stuff Your Stocking Speech Therapy Bundle.
It includes Where's Rudolph, Winter Vocabulary Games and Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Can't wait for the sale... I have been looking forward to snagging some great products.  See you there!

I hope everyone has a wonderful happy December. Stay tuned for some fun events coming very soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

What's in Your Cart? Making my list and checking it twice!

I am excited to link up with Jenna of Speech Room News for the upcoming Teachers pay Teachers Cybersale coming your way on December 1st to December 2nd.

Linking up with the Speech Room News.

Do you wishlist products that you would love to have, so you can come back later and grab them? Well,  now is the time to empty those wishlists because your favorites will be up to 28% of for the site-wide Teachers pay Teachers sale. Everything in my store will be 28% off when you use the code TPTCYBER.

Stop by Speech Sprouts and be sure to grab Christmas Bingo Riddles!

This new Bingo riddles game is the Christmas version of my best-seller. Not your ordinary bingo, kids LOVE solving the riddles to play! Critical thinking and listening skills = a no-guilt fun holiday activity! It comes with low/color grayscale options too, so it's perfect for small group or the whole class! Christmas party, yes!



See Christmas Bingo Riddles Here


Now for a peek to see what's in MY cart!

You can find these awesome products here:

Naughty or Nice, You Decide by All Y'all Need

Articulation Placemats by Figuratively Speeching

Conversational Turn-Taking by Looks Like Language

Verbal Apraxia Packet by Kathy Grover's Speech all the Time

Be sure you stop by my store to see what I have for you at Speech Sprouts!
Everything will be 28% off, including bundles! That especially makes the bundles a huge savings as they are aready discounted.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Count Down to Christmas With This December Freebie!

Kids love to count down the days until Santa arrives.

Here's a fun freebie for you.

I have lot's of little ones on my caseload, and they are already thinking about Christmas coming. I love to have a few Santa-themed activities for them in December, so I made this cute Santa with 25 circles for a fun countdown.

There are lot's of ways to use this cute holiday gift:

1. Use it as an advent calendar, and glue a cottonball on Santa's Beard each day. It is provided in both color and black and white for you.

Free Santa Advent Calendar or craft for Christmas
Santa  Advent Calendar or Craftivity!

2. Use  as a craftivity during your December speech sessions... Give a cottonball or crumpled piece of white tissue paper for each response. and cover each circle. Choose the black and white version if the children will be coloring Santa.

3. Use the black and white sheet without the numbers as a dot marker sheet or with bingo chips. Fun!

 Free Santa Advent Calendar or craftivity for Christmas
Craftivity or Dot Marker Fun too!

Here are some of the comments and ideas on how to use this resource at my Teachers pay Teachers store, Speech Sprouts:

Lauren R. said:
This is great to use as a game in speech-language therapy where they fill in Santa's beard! Thank you!

Lisa H. said:
Looking forward to using during artic drills - cover with magnetic chips or do-a-dot. Thanks for the freebie.

Jodi C. said:
great for roll and cover during articulation therapy. Thanks so much for the Santa theme.
Buyer said:
Love this! When I was little, I think a soda company gave out the same type of thing. It was always a favorite!

Counseling with HEART (TpT Seller) said:
This is adorable! I have kindergarten lunch duty each day and I will be using this as part of my behavior management. Each day the class earns a brag during lunch, they get to put a cotton ball on Santa's beard. Once they fill his beard completely, I'll give them a yummy treat: candy cane or hot chocolate or holiday cookies... So excited!
Grab your copy at Speech Sprouts here: Christmas Santa Advent Calendar.

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Friday Speechie Freebies Link-up
Linking up for Manic Monday too!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 2: More Spider Fun!

Our second day of targeting /sp/ included more spidery adventures.

Day two of spiders! We read I Love Spiders by John Parker. I like to choose sound-loaded books for the target of the day. Lots of repetition of the sound is great auditory bombardment and gives plenty of articulation practice opportunities as we discuss the book.
I Love Spiders by John Parker

I Love Spiders repeats the word "spiders" over and over. Perfect! It has adorable illustrations, simple text and describes spiders with simple adjectives. We learn basic concepts and opposites too, as the book talks about spiders who are  round/flat, young/old, fat/thin and more!

Descriptive concepts and opposites to talk about! 

I have a larger group in my preschool program (It can be up to 10), and not everyone may need the target of the week. Research tells us that kids with speech and language delays are at higher risk for difficulty with phonological awareness skills and reading skills, so everyone benefits from the phonological awareness emphasis of the target sound(s) throughout the session.

During centers, my kids come to "teacher time" for one on one practice with me. Each child practices his or her specific targets with me, but everyone gets to do the activity. And if you haven't read my previous posts, don't worry, I am not doing 10 kids by myself! (Do not, I repeat, do not try that by yourself) I have an awesome assistant and the kids rotate in centers for about an hour. It's during that time they each come to me for individualized practice.

Spider Activities in Speech therapy
Dot marker page from my Itsy Bitsy Spider Unit

We practiced our articulation words again, and this time we got to use tongs to give the spider some juicy bugs. Only one bug per word, so the kids were anxious to practice! I always have the kids repeat their word 5 times, to get in plenty of repetition.

Speech Therapy Itsy Bitsy Spider Unit
Plurals practice and a fun puzzle game too!


Our phonological kids need practice with grammatical word endings too. We practiced plurals, initial and final s-clusters with this fun  plurals game.But look! There are spiders all over the farm? Where is the spider? "On the horses ear..." I try to grab every opportunity during an activity to work on those tricky wh? questions.

 I have an old Fischer Price farm set. We got it out and placed those plastic spiders everywhere. More where? opportunities. Plenty of fun, hands-on practice with prepositions.

Finally, we sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider Song and then read it with my Itsy Bitsy Spider Flipbook. We talked about top/bottom and middle, and everyone got a turn to put the velcroed spider on the spout to show those position concepts.

Itsy Bitsy Spider for Speech Therapy
Itsy Bitsy Spider Interactive Flipbook

The printables are from my Itsy Bitsy Spider Unit. You can see the unit here:
 Itsy Bitsy Spider Speech Therapy Language and Articulation Unit.

If you try any of these activities or have some great spider activities of your own, I would love to hear from you! Till next time, watch out for creepy crawlies!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Spider Fun for /sp/

This week we had lots of fun targeting articulation of /sp/ blends and got in tons of language too with the Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

I absolutely love using rhymes, stories, and songs in therapy. Yes, we sing a LOT!

Here are the activities I planned for my preschool groups. If you recall, I have two larger pre-k groups (8 and 6 currently) with two-hour sessions of therapy. Boy, do we get lots packed into those two hours! No worries, if you do traditional small groups, you'll find any of these activities are great for shorter sessions too.  Bonus... it will help you have several sessions planned!

Itsy Bitsy Spider by Keith Chapman

We started off reading the Itsy Bitsy Spider by Keith Chapman. I love this book! The little spider gets blown away and lands on all the animals in the farm, before finding his way back home to Mama. The book has a raised, glittery strand of web silk for the children to touch. It's very cool.
Great motivational activity!

After our circle time, the children go to centers in my therapy room. "Teacher Time" is with me! We practiced our /sp/ words and the children got to put a sparkly spider on the web for each one. For those at the sentence level, we practiced "My spider goes on this spot." or He's spinning a web."

We also described the spiders and talked about the concepts of large and small, more and most.

The kids absolutely loved this! I found the web and the glittered spiders at the dollar store. Check the Halloween clearance aisle!

Itsy Bitsy Spider Dot marker Prepositions
 From my Itsy Bitsy Spider Unit

Next, we did following directions and prepositions. "Find the spider at the top of the spout. Color him purple. Find the spider on the web. Color him green." Everything is more fun with dot markers, but crayons are fine too.
Objects or bugs in gelatin

My assistant did this great activity with the kids- ooey, gooey sensory fun! This little guy is a bit reluctant to reach in and pull out a toy. We needed to prep the gelatin the night before. Okay, I admit it- we meant to put bugs in the gelatin, but forgot to bring them home,  so we improvised. It's amazing what that spider will eat! The kids say "Feed the spider a _____."

Spider in the bath video
Spider in the Bath: Adorable video
Back at circle time again, we watched this YouTube video, Spider in the Bath. It is so cute. I stop it as it plays and ask questions. It's great for "where?" questions, as that spider gets in all kinds of places! I am lucky enough to have a smartboard, but it would still be fine on a laptop or tablet. Click the caption to go the link.
Next time... our second session with spiders. My kids were definitely up for more. They love anything a bit creepy, crawly! See you then.

Day 2 of spider fun is posted HERE!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Do You Love a Half-Off Sale? Boy. Half-off! Gets those bargain-hunting juices flowing, doesn't it?  If you love scoring a deal, you need to know about the #SLPmusthave Sale on November 7th.
What is it?  A group of SLPs with Teachers pay Teachers (TpT) stores are collaborating to bring you awesome prices on some of their "must have" products. Here's how it works: on the seventh of each month, each participating store will post a great product for 50% off. Be sure to mark your calendars each month, so you don't miss out. 
The sale is one-day only, so you will need to grab your favorites quick!
Go to TpT  on November 7th and search #SLPmusthave to view all the great products on sale.
you can start at my store Speech Sprouts.
Winner Winner Turkey Dinner Game: Analogies Antonyms and Synonyms
Here's my 50% off product this month: Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!
It's a cute dinner-themed game that can be played open-ended with any target or with the 236 cards included for analogies, synonyms, antonyms and categories.
Your kiddos will love collecting the dinner plates full of food and matching them to the plates on their dinner table mat. But watch out! Sometimes you get a card with a few surprises.
The antonym cards are divided into two levels: for K-1 and grades 2-4.
There is an ink-saving low-color version included too!
I am including low-color options in my products whenever I can.
Some SLP's don't have access to a color printer.  
No worries! The low-color version can be printed in grayscale.
Here are some of the comments from buyers I have received.
(If I list yours, be sure to contact me for a free product, and thank you!)
Buyers commented:
 "Used this today and the children loved it! They were thoroughly engaged. These activities were appropriate for my first through fifth graders. I liked that I could adapt the activities to use with most of my kids. Fantastic job!"
"This was a fun reading station for the kids!"
What? You have never looked at TpT for speech therapy resources? If not, you are in for a treat. There are over 200 SLPs creating materials to save you time and stress. And it's just plain fun to check out all the great ideas and resources.


Happy Shopping!