Monday, October 20, 2014

Linking Up for October Speechy Feedback!

I am linking up again this month with Nicole Allison over at Allison's Speech Peeps, to say thank you for the wonderful comments left at my Speech Sprouts Store.

There were so many great comments, it was very hard to choose! See what Kim S. and Meghan P said about my Monster's Munch Bundle:

Monsters Munch Speech Therapy Bundle from Speech Sprouts
Monsters Munch Speech Therapy Bundle by Speech Sprouts
 Kari Radovich left  a wonderful review of Apple, Apple Where Can You Be? It really helps me to know what aspects of a product you like. Read Kari's detailed comments:
Apple, Apple Where Can You Be? by Speech Sprouts

 Thank you ladies for putting a smile on my face! This time of year is busy, busy for SLPs, and it's kind words like your yours that keeps me going! I would be delighted to send you a thank-you product, so please contact me with your e-mails.

Didn't see your comments? Follow my blog and Facebook page to see if I feature yours next time.

Are you a Bingo Riddles fan? Watch for my Halloween Bingo riddles which should be posted this week!
There are more surprises coming soon, so stay tuned.
Happy October Everyone!

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