Sunday, September 28, 2014

Freebie! Multiple Meanings Hoot Owl Sampler and a Giveaway

Multiple Meanings or Homonyms are tricky for many students. Stop by Speech Sprouts and download this interactive fall freebie. No prep- just print and go.

After you grab your freebie,  stop by Speech Sprouts on Facebook and enter to win the full product! The giveaway is now until October 1st.

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Grab this freebie at Speech Sprouts on TpT.

There are two owl-themed sampler pages. You get a cute poster with a definition of Homonyms. It's a great visual for your students. I also really love to show visitors: parents, teachers, principals what SLP's target beyond articulation!

Homonyms poster from Hoot Owl Homonyms by Speech Sprouts
Grab this  Homonyms Poster for Free!

Next you get Whoo's my Homophone? Interactive Cut and Paste Activity.

Cut out the owl eggs and match them to the correct nest! Don't forget to write the homophone on the line next to it. They sound the same, but are spelled differently on this page.
Perfect for your speech session or carry-over for homework.
Multiple Meanings Hoot Owl Activity. Freebie!

Download the freebie at my Speech Sprouts Store, just   CLICK HERE for the FREEBIE!

Hoot Owl Homonyms- Super cute owl-themed games and plenty of  no-prep printables too!

If you like the sampler, be sure to check out the full product. It includes many more Owl-themed print and go sheets: cut and paste, dot marker and 2 cootie catchers! (Plenty for in-session and home practice too. Play 3 different games with the  adorable owl cards, including mouse hunt! The kids really love matching the owl halves to collect the most owls.

I hope you enjoy the freebie and good luck in the giveaway! Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How To Organize for Grab and Go Articulation Therapy!

Are you spending too much time searching for the materials you need for each session?
All those files and workbooks are great, but SLPs have precious little time to pull it together between sessions.

Here's how I have my artic materials organized, and I love it!

Speech Sprouts
Everything You Need for Your Artic Session in One Spot!
I purchased clear 6.2 quart Sterilite Latch Boxes. I got mine at Walmart. They are not available online right now, but you can buy them in the store.  See them here.

These boxes measure 15 x 11.5 x 3.25. They are wide enough to store a manila envelope or file folder flat.  (I put all my practice sheets and masters in a file. My TpT units go in a laminated manila envelope. Then I pop it all in the box!)

Speech Sprouts
A "home" for each phoneme!

 Next, I labeled the boxes for each phoneme. I have a separate box for initial and for final phonemes,  and a box for each cluster we regularly target.

Here's two sessions of activities from my /sm/ box, easy peasy!

Speech Sprouts
This girl loves her stinky /smelly socks, but her friends don't!

I love literature-based therapy, so I have to add a couple of sound-loaded books that repeat the target sound a bunch!

Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch is loads of fun when practicing /sm/ words!

Another  /sm/ loaded book I love is Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup

After reading the story, we do "Smell Bottles".

Speech Sprouts
"Smell Bottle" Activity. Can you guess the scent?

The boxes are deep enough to store craft materials and manipulatives too!

I collected pill bottles, put a cotton ball in each, and put a few drops of extract on each one. The last one had rose-scented perfume.

I think hands-on activities are a natural in speech therapy. Kids really remember them, and want to talk about it when they get home!

It's also a great opportunity to work in language as well as practicing artic.

FREEBIE! Here's a practice sheet I use with my "smell bottle" activity.

Free sense of smell activity for initial s-blends
Speech Sprouts /sm/ Freebie!

There's lot's of practice opportunities: Have them ask for a bottle.
 "I want to smell this one."

How does it smell? "It smells good/bad."

Which one do you think it is?

  Then I have the kids set the bottle on the grid, and say the sentence. "I smell lemon. I smell cinnamon."

If you want to give it a try, you can download it by clicking here:

There is also a low-ink-friendly B&W version and a version without the "smells" so you can label it with any scent/extract you want.

If you enjoy the freebie, please leave a comment below! I would love hearing from you.

For a second session, we make flowers to smell!

Great way to Organize for Grab and Go Speech Therapy!
Extract or Perfume-Scented Flowers. The "smell" lasts for days!"


To Make These Smelly Flowers:

1. Cut squares of tissue paper.
2. Have the child choose 3-4 sheets.
3. Layer the tissue paper and push a pipe cleaner through the center.
4. Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around a cotton ball to secure it.
5. Push the tissue paper up around the cotton ball "center" and coil the pipe cleaner around the base to secure it. (as shown)
6. Now have your child choose a "smell". "I want the orange smell"
7. Drop on extract or spray the perfume on.

I guarantee you, the kids will be willing to ask everyone... "Would you like to smell my flower?"

Awesome  Carryover!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Pickin Speech Therapy and a Freebie!

New for Fall, plus a Freebie!!

I am excited about this new language pack and wanted to show you how it turned out! I saw these cute apples with their adorable expressive faces, and knew they were perfect for a back to school, fall resource.

 I love using cute books with simple,  repetitive text for therapy. But it can be a challenge to find a book that supports specific language goals. Where? questions are always tough for my little ones. When I ask them where an object is, I usually get, "Right there! as they point to the object. " Wh? " questions can be tough for students with autism and PDD too. So, I set out to write my own reader for where? questions.  Then, I had so much fun with the cute apple theme, I created many more language activities!

Apple Apple Speech Therapy Reader and Language Activities is packed with language opportunities in a fun autumn theme. There are so many ways to elicit language!
Apple Apple Where Can You Be? Lots of activities for language!



Apple Apple Book

This cute book features repetitive text and targets Where? questions. Read the book, then complete the cut and paste reader. You can elicit lots of position concepts and answer where questions on each page.

An Interactive Reader That Targets Where? Questions.
Student Apple Apple Reader

Dough Mat

Children roll apples and put them on the Dough Mat. Tell where they are. In the tree? next to the squirrel? In front of the basket? How many are in your tree? Who has more? Who has less?
Play Dough Mat- Where is the apple?

Cookie Sheet Activity

The cookie sheet activity is great for story re-tell, vocabulary and additional Where? practice. Or try...
Use as a cookie sheet activity for story re-tell or a barrier game!


Barrier Game Fun!

 A Barrier Game. I like to print two copies and use it for a barrier game  Have you ever used barrier games in therapy? Following directions, position concepts, vocabulary, describing- this activity hits it all!

  Sit so you are facing your student. Give a copy of the mat and the pieces to your student, you have another copy in front of you. Place a barrier in between you so you can't see each other's mats.
Now, take turns describing where you are putting the pieces. Directions must be specific, because your partner will place the identical piece on their mat, according to the description. The crow is at the top of the tree. The yellow apple is on the grass... When all the pieces are on the mat, lift the barrier and compare. Are they in the same place?

Wormy Finger Puppet!
This Apple Finger Puppet has a worm too!
Make this cute finger puppet to help tell the story. Draw a smiley face on your finger and it becomes the "worm" That apple may go all kinds of places. Where is it? On the chair? Behind Joey? Students can color and cut out their own puppet.

Practice quantity concepts with this sorting mat:
Sort Half and Whole

Love apples? There's more!

Free Apple Dot Marker Activity

Use this free apple tree fall speech therapy activity with two colors of dot markers or bingo chips for the apples and you'll be able to take therapy data at a glance!  Give a green or yellow for correct, red for incorrect. Fun for your preschool and elementary speech and language sessions with your apple theme or fall theme. Click for more apple theme ideas and download this open-ended activity from Speech Sprouts! #speechtherapy #speechsprouts #apples
Get this speech therapy apple freebie!

  Sometimes, you just want a quick, simple motivational activity that works for any target.  Go to my store and download Click HERE to download this free activity. 

I created both a 10 apple and 20 apple version for you. You can cover the apples with bingo chips, use dry erase markers or pom-poms for even more fun! Use two colors- red for correct, yellow or green for incorrect, and you will make taking data a snap after you are finished!

Please leave some sweet feedback and a kind rating if you like it! Your ffedback means a lot to me, I appreciate it more than you know!

Happy Fall everyone,

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Blogger Contest at Activity Tailor

Have you been over to visit Activity Tailor? This is an outstanding blog by a Speech Language Pathologist from North Carolina who is a frequent contributor to the ASHA Leader and ASHAsphere blogs.

This generous blogger held a "New Blogger" contest to encourage SLPs just starting out in the blogging world, like myself. I have learned a lot from her already, and I am honored to say, Speech Sprouts was chosen as one of the two winners!

Speech Language Pathologists are such a supportive group, offering ideas, tips, and providing that moral support that is sometimes needed. Many of us work in settings where there are few other SLP's that we can collaborate with on a regular basis. Speech Language Pathology blogs are a perfect avenue for sharing with others, and Activity Tailor is a shining example of that spirit.

 I want to say a heartfelt thanks for taking the time to offer support to new bloggers.  You can see my featured post at Activity Tailor if you click here. I hope you will take a peek at the rest of her blog while you are there, it's an excellent resource!