Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Congratulations! Winners of Speech Sprouts Gimme 5 Blog Hop


Congratulations! The winners are:

Stephanie K.
Renee K.
Sue B.
Roxanne S.
Jamie  S.

Woo Hoo! Thank you to everyone for participating!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gimme 5: Blog Hop!
Prizes and Suprises!

Gimme 5 Blog Hop 

This is going to be fun!  It's a Gimme 5 Back to School Blog Hop! A group of talented bloggers have prizes, giveaways and other fun surprises in store for you.
Speech Sprouts

To join in, you need to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: Speech Sprouts. Look around,  and Jot down  FIVE PRODUCTS:
Visit Speech Sprouts on TpT and Find....

2 Products based on Nursery Rhymes
2 Products for Autumn, and 
1 Book companion. 
(I hope you'll follow me while you are there!)

Then,  go to the Rafflecopter in the right margin of this blog to enter!
(You can shorten some of the product names if you like, I know they are long! )
Five Winners will be announced at 11pm (Central Time) August 19th. Each winner will get $5 Credit from Speech Sprouts! 
Love to have a free product now? Visit Speech Sprouts on Facebook,  follow me and download my Fan Freebie: That's Fishy! What Does Not belong? 

Click on the link below and get hopping with the following bloggers!

Have Fun!

Erica Hildebrand at Heaven in Grade 7
Pam Petralia at Mrs. P's Specialties  
Jolene Mathew and The Candy Class
Amy Mehallic at The Core of Grade 4 
Karen Hester at Little Smarticle Particles 
Terri Lester at her Blog 
Tanesha at Raising Rigor and Readers    
Laura Schachter at Differentiation Station
Heidi Raki at Rakis Rad Resources  
Carol Polston  on Facebook The Chocolate Teacher
Gloria Wittenberg at 2 Scoops of Kindergarten
Linda Post at The Teachers Post 
Diane Wiens at One Teacher's Adventures
Cheryl at Techie Turtle Teacher 
Lisette Edgar at Speech Sprouts Therapy

Monday, August 18, 2014

Speachy Feedback- Did you win a free Product?

Today I'm linking up with Nicole Allison at Speech Peeps for Speachy Feedback. SLP bloggers are spotlighting their favorite feedback, and offering a free product to say thanks!

  I often look through the feedback left by my wonderful followers at my TpT store, Speech Sprouts, and  post my favorites at Speech Sprouts on Facebook. I recently posted this one:
Hint: There are more on my Facebook page. If they are yours, let me know to claim your "thank you" product!

This one really made my day, I soooo appreciate it. Smile. Is it yours? If so, comment below with your e-mail or contact me at (speechsproutstherapy at  for your free product!
Pop over to the Speachy Feedback Linky to see more!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shining Stars: Back to School Linky Party!

How exciting! TpT has announced a special Back to School TpT Boost Sale Coming August 20th!

Another chance to save up to 28% off. So.... I am again scouring my wish list, because there are still so many goodies I would like to have!

How to narrow it down? What products are the favorites of other SLP bloggers?  I have linked up with SLP Runner, and plan to find out!

My own personal favorites from my store and others are:

Super Social Skills from Super Power Speech.  Needing some fresh ideas for my students needing social skills practice! My students will love the superhero theme!

Articulation Cans by Mia McDaniel Love this idea!

Kindergarten Speech and Language Guidelines and Checklists by All Y'all Need. Know how we get bombarded by those questions about our fresh-faced kindergarteners? I'll be ready with this packet!

In the Woods Preposition Play by Sarah Worcester I love the theme and always need preposition practice materials! 

Here's a couple favorites from my store at Speech Sprouts:

Autumn Vocabulary Games  For Pre-K to 4th. My kids ask to play this simple, open-ended game! It comes with questions and prompts for the vocabulary pictured on the cards. Students draw cards and spell the word Autumn to win. A spelling mat is provided to assist non-readers so they can simply match letters. This pack has three different games, so you get fresh look and vocabulary for each month!

Itsy Bitsy Spider Speech Therapy Language, Literacy and Articulation Unit I love using this comprehensive unit. It targets so many different skills, you will be able to use it for multiple sessions for the Pre-K to 1st grade bunch! It includes an interactive flipbook, cookie sheet activities, /sp/ activities, wh? questions , auditory bombardment PowerPoint, following directions, plurals, rhyme activity, 5 games, craft suggestions, you tube links and more. Whew! Planning done for a couple of weeks! For more fun, use it with the book, Itsy Bitsy Spider by Keith Chapman

Check out the linky party here: TpT Shining Stars Linky Party and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to School...Already?

So today was my first day to head back to my speech room, and assess where to get started! The bookshelves were still covered, my rug askew and everything possible piled on my desk and tables to allow for our hard-working custodians to shampoo the rugs while I had ...sigh.. my lovely summer vacation.

Ah, summer. A trip to New Orleans with my hubby: Mississippi River, looking for gators and Spanish moss on a swamp tour, The French Quarter, beignets.

A trip to the New York Catskills to see the family with my sis and mom: old friends, young cousins, mountains, the cool river and rocks, pounding waterfalls, delicious farm-fresh sweet corn purchased roadside at an unmanned stand with a box to leave your money. Honor system.
Sisters and friends
Overlooking the Roundout River, High Falls, NY

Can summer really be over? So fast? But wait, it's still 100 degrees outside. It doesn't feel like fall, but that's the way it is here in Texas. The air conditioner is cranking.

 I dive into the file cabinet. Out with the old. Dust off my bookshelves. Check the flurry of e-mails already announcing preschoolers to assess, new to district transfers coming my way. Look around, start brainstorming. Make a few lists. New ideas, new possibilities. Getting energized. It's going to be a great year!

Wishing everyone a fantastic start to the school year!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Free Apps For Speech Therapy: Creating Games With Tiny Tap!
Create games using your own photos!

Have you seen Tiny Tap?

This free app makes it easy to use your own personalized photos to create highly engaging, meaningful interactive games and activities for your students. Your students can be the star of the game. How cool and exciting is that?

Take a photo with your tablet, or use one from the camera roll, and use it to design awesome language games.
Add your photo, then draw or add text too!


How can you use it for Speech Therapy?

* Need to motivate a student with autism who has a special interest? Build learning games that feature photos of his interest!

* Want to make position concepts meaningful for a preschooler? Photograph her and her favorite toy in various places. Where is Teddy Bear? On her head. Behind her. Under her. Next to her.

* Working on verbs? Take action pictures of your students. What is he doing? Washing his hands. Throwing the ball.  Drinking milk. What did he do? He drew a picture.

* Functional Vocabulary? Take pictures of the objects and actions in a child’s daily routines.Name the picture.

* Working on pronouncing family names with a child who struggles with articulation? Use photos of family and pets in activities.

Bet you can think of many more activities. Think of the possibilities, and get the creative juices going!

I love using this app for language activities!

To start:

Create a new game and take a photo or import an image.
 (This pic is my 5 month old kitten Tazzy!)

You can:
Add photos and draw or add text:
This kitty is Tazzy’s sister Nilla (for Vanilla!).
You can draw shapes or pictures for students to select .

*Record questions and answers.

 “Where’s her nose?”
 Circle the area the child should tap for the answer.  (The circle is not visible during the game). Then,  record a response that plays if the child is correct (Maybe cheering, or “That’s right!) and other responses for incorrect, such as  “try again” or “uh oh!”
Tiny Tap: Record your question, then select the answer area .

  *Make a shape puzzle.
Create puzzles with your own photos,for speech therapy with this App: Tiny Tap
Use your own photos to create shape puzzles of pets, favorite toys or friends
Tiny Tap Makes it easy to customize learning games!

*Create a sound board. Choose an area of your photo to tap and hear the sound.
Add sounds or record narration that plays when students touch a selected areas.

When finished, your new game goes on the Bookshelf! You can see it here.
Try this free app out, you will love  Tiny Tap!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Giveaway Winner and New Apple-Themed Resource!

Congratulations to Jen K. who won Andrea Crawford's Syllable Blending Compound Match-up!

Missed it? Head over to Teachers Pay Teachers today and tomorrow to grab a copy on sale!
 Andrea Crawford's TpT Store

Speech Sprouts is on sale too, of course, including my just-published (Last night after midnight!) Apple, Apple, Where Can You Be?

Apple-themed Reader for wh questions and activities for speech therapy

This a  reader which includes a class copy, a PowerPoint to show for shared reading, and a B&W interactive student copy. Students read the story, paste the apples in their reader, and tell where? the apple is.

Apple- themed Speech and Language Therapy Activities

It also includes language activities for describing, basic concepts, a barrier game, dough mat and more!

Apple- themed Speech and Language Therapy Activities

On Sale! at Speech Sprouts TpT Store

Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Favorite Speech Therapy Materials- Check out my guest post at Twin Speech Language and Literacy LLC

 Twin sisters Manda and Shanda invited me to guest post about one of My Favorite Therapy Items at their blog Twin Speech Language and Literacy LLC.It was so much fun talking about one of my all- time favs!

 My favorite item has been an all-time winner with my speech students. Versatile, fun, and tons of language opportunities. I love story-telling and using props in therapy, and I use lots of them with my favorite item, like this:

Stop by and take a peek to see what it is!

Friday, August 1, 2014

What's in Your Cart? Linking up with Jenna Rayburn
I linked up with Jenna Rayburn of Speech Room News for her What's in Your Cart? Linky Party

 Wow, I am so excited,  Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale is coming up soon, August 4-5th! Time to stock up, I have so many items on my wishlist! With sooooo many great products to buy, where to start?
I am needing fresh ideas for articulation practice. So many of my students have both articulation and language goals, and we need a fast and fun way to hit the artic as well as dive in to the language lesson. I need an artic product that's simple and ready to print and go for home practice too!  
I will be grabbing this product during the sale, it's perfect for that extra practice for 8 different phonemes, easy to print, parent friendly, and will save me a ton of time! (And we all know that SLP's are ALWAYS short of extra time!!)

Articulation Placemats: Homework Sheets and Drill Activities 

By Figuratively Speeching SLP


I am also adding this gem: Auditory Farm by Speech Universe



I can't resist this one from School House Talk!

Itty Bitty Books for Articulation Practice BUNDLE


Finally, I am always needed products that are simple for my littles with Apraxia, so I'm tossing in this one too!

From Expressly Speaking!

 Early Grammar Markers for Children with Apraxia or Speech Sound Disorders



 What will you be adding to your cart? At 28% off I will be stocking up!

One of my favorite products in my store at Speech Sprouts is my:

 Monsters Munch Speech Therapy Bundle!

My kiddos absolutely love the monster theme, all year long! You get a sound loaded interactive story and  tons of activities for artic and language. You will seriously not have to plan anything else for the pre-K-2nd grade crowd for several sessions!
Interactive sound-loaded story for /m/ and "ch"
Size concepts:
 Prepositions, artic, categories, pronouns, plurals, wh questions, following directions and much more!


What are your favorite speechie finds? Leave a comment and Happy Shopping!