Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cool Apps for your Therapy Room

Have you tried Tap Roulette?

School based SLP's see lots of groups. Do you get complaints that "I'm never first!" no matter who you pick to begin a game or activity? We've all rolled the dice to see who it will be, but this free app is way cooler!

Check out this Free App:
Tap Roulette in the App Store

In my therapy room, we have nick-named this app "Finger pick.", and the kids beg to use it.
Everyone puts a finger on the screen. (The description says the app supports up to five fingers,
but 6 has worked for me.)


 The circles swirl around each finger, making a  clicking "roulette wheel"  sound. They  change colors
and finally highlight the "pick" in red. Voila! No arguments.

 Another way to have fun with this app is to use it determine how many points each turn is worth. One?
Two? Students put one finger on the screen for one point, a finger of the other hand for two points.
Whichever finger is "chosen" that's their score. Try it out!


  1. This is SO cool! Thanks for sharing- I'll be trying this in September!