Monday, June 30, 2014

Fabulous Speech Therapy Prizes You Can Win!


Here are the Super Speech Therapy Products you can win in Speech Sprouts Summer Celebration! 

Be sure to come by and enter July 10-13th!


Speech Sprouts: Animal Bingo Riddles L

Mrs P’s Specialties:  Association Language Expanders
Autism Educational Resources: Autism File Folder Picture Match
Sarah Worcester:Cycles Bingo  

Kathy Grovers’ Speech All the Time: Final Consonant Flip Cards
Sarah Worcester  Matrix Fun: Seasons!
Schoolhouse Talk: SpeechTherapy Rubrics
All Yall Need: Superhero Spatial Strategies
Scroll down to my previous posts to see the PK-1st grade bundles in the Giveaway!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thrifty Speech Finds

 What’s even better than finding awesome games for your speech therapy? Finding them cheap, cheap, cheap at a garage or thrift sale! In these days of limited budgets, thrifty finds can add some pop to your sessions without breaking the bank! Here are some of the things I have snagged:

  • Miniatures: I have found plenty of miniatures and small toys to use for my articulation “feely bag”.  (There is something about reaching into a bag to pull out an object that totally delights preschoolers.)
  • Baby dolls and stuffed animals: One time I snagged about 50 beanie babies for $5. Woo hoo!
  • Puzzles and games: Can’t have too many of these!
  • Books for all ages and stages.
  • Art supplies: stickers, stampers, paints, play doh sets and more.
  • Tons of toys for imaginative play and drama props: cars, fire trucks, play food, dustpans, a binocular, dinosaurs, a crawl tube (we talk about inside/outside, through/around) and more! I am always looking for theme-based toy to set up in my play center for my preschoolers.

Check out two of my favorite bargains I found:

This monster puppet set is the bomb! We work on requesting with details: "I want two yellow eyes, please." and body parts of course. The monster "parts" are Velcro making it simple to arrange, and re-arrange on the felt bodies. Sorry, I would love to tell you where to get these, but I haven't been able to track it down. I know several people who want a set, so if you know, fill me in!

 Old MacDonald Game: My little ones love this. The "babies" are hidden under the haystacks. Children choose a mama, and press her on the barn platform. Mama moos, baas, clucks, neighs or oinks for her baby. Then they press a covered haystack on the platform and listen to the baby. If it's a match, it plays the Old Macdonald song.Targets? Same/different, big/little, animal vocabulary or just plain open-ended fun.

Happy summertime yard-sale shopping! What have you found?

I linked up this post at The Speech Room News, check it out! The Speech Room News

How to Choose the Best Games for Your Speech Therapy Sessions

What are some of the best games for speech therapy?

Children love playing games in therapy. I really do too, it keeps my students enthusiastic, engaged and it's so much fun to see their excitement. I believe that play is a really valuable tool in creating speech and language learning that lasts. We get asked, "You play games all day in therapy, don't you?"  Yes ma'am, sometimes we do!

Sometimes the cutest, snazziest looking games just aren't right for therapy. 

I admit it, I have purchased a few games that were used once or twice, then just sat on the shelf gathering dust, because they are really not working for me. Maybe it took too much time away from getting responses or was only useful for a single goal. There was even that one that made that annoying noise that I couldn't stand by the end of the session. (Ugh, I disabled that critter!)

So I learned that you want to be really purposeful in choosing games to take up that uber-valuable real estate on your therapy shelf. Because there is never enough of that.


5 tips for choosing games that you will pull out and play in your sessions again and again, guaranteed:

1.      Kid-Appeal: Is it colorful, does it have manipulatives, a theme that kids will like? Does it appeal to a range of ages?

2.      Quick turns: I want to focus on my speech and language targets, get as many responses in a session as I can, and keep interest high. To do this, I need a game that takes very little time to actually play each turn.  The game is just for fun and motivation, not the real focus of the session (although my kids may think so!)

3.      No Batteries: Face it, replacing batteries is expensive. My favorite go-to games are played with kid-power.

4.      Simple: Can even young children play the game? Those with motor issues?  Make mine easy to play, please.  No worries, I can differentiate and add the proper amount of challenge for each student with the therapy tasks we are working on.

5.      Versatile: I love a game that can be used year round and with various students. Have mixed groups? Me too, so I want games that everyone can play together, even when working on diverse targets.

Here are some of my favorite games from my therapy room. What’s yours?

Go Fish! From Fisher Price

Kids "fish" with the suction cup fishing pole. Find your color or play for the most points.
The one pictured is an older version, Yea, garage sales, my FAVORITE place to shop! Here is a newer version on Amazon:

The “Peg”gy Back Game from Lauri

Be the first to reach the castle. Hitch a "peggy-back"with another player if you land on them!
"Peg"gy Back Game

Pop-Up Pirate Game by Tomy

Put a sword in the slot after each response. Find the right spot, and the pirate catapults into the air.   (It makes me jump EVERY time, which delights my kids!)

Pop-Up Pirate 

Disclaimer! I am not affiliated with the above companies and do not receive compensation in any form from them. These are simply games that I own, and I love using in my speech therapy room.

Next time: Thrifty Speech Finds!

Credits: Dice Clipart by Alimath

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Celebration Giveaway

Summer has already been very busy for me! The past week, I have been learning all kinds of new things, as I work to set up Speech Sprouts blog. I learned how to buy a domain, what a widget is, where to find html code for all sorts of things. A year ago, I never would have imagined needing to know any of this.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. Last July I started a new adventure on a whim. I opened Speech Sprouts on Teachers pay Teachers. I found out I really love the creative process and have been going strong, creating printable resources for speech language pathologists and teachers.  If you would like to check it out, today I figured out how to add the TpT widget to this blog, click it to visit my store.

I found out that there are a lot of amazing people at Teachers pay Teachers. Loyal customers, who leave the sweetest feedback and make me smile. (Honestly, sometimes reading great feedback makes my entire day!)  The TpT seller community, who is always ready to help someone out with questions or moral support. It is amazing, and was very much unexpected! A Facebook group of Speech Language Pathologists who speak my language and support each other. And of course,  my wonderful TpT mentor and friend, Jess, of Figuratively Speeching.
Well, it’s almost a year now, and it’s nearly time to celebrate my TpT anniversary and do something for you, my readers, customers, and fellow TpT sellers. So I will be having a gigantic Summer Celebration giveaway, coming July 10-13th!

I would like to thank all the great sellers who donated a product, as you can see it’s huge, with over 50 products to give away!! Bundles will include great products for PK-1 (Two bundles!), 2nd-4th, Speech therapy/ Special Ed, and clipart! Woo Hoo! So today, here’s a peek at what you can win in Bundle #1:

PK-1st Grade Summer Celebration Bundle #1
1.     Speech Sprouts: Diver Diver, Who Can it Be? Reader 
2.     KB3Teach: Winner’s Choice. See her store here.
4.     Christine Maxwell: Rhymes Puzzle Match Bundle-60Matches 
5.     Melissa Moran:  Phoneme Segmentation Activities
7.     Elementary Creations: How Many Ways Can You Make 10?Poster
8.     Engaging Elementary: Kindergarten Book Reports
9.     Brittani Black:  WritingPaper with Picture Boxes
10. Skipper's Pre-K Winners Choice See her store here.
Stop back by soon to see more of what’s coming!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fresh Speech Therapy Ideas from Speech Sprouts

Hello! This is my first post on Speech Sprout's new blog. Welcome! I hope to share with other speech language pathologists about activities and insights from my speech room to yours! I am an SLP in Texas. I work with elementary children from PK- 4th grade and love creating fun, fresh activities to use in therapy. 

In addition to my more traditional groups, I have two pre-school groups of up to ten children that I see for two hours, twice weekly, and it's a blast! My kids are going strong in circle and centers with sound and theme-based activities. Of course, I couldn't do it without my trained para-professional assistant, who is wonderful. I love to incorporate literature, hands-on art and games to keep my littles involved.

Stamping Shamrocks for Initial sh

Today I am sharing a fun activity for St Patrick's say or anytime you are working on initial "sh".  Here is of one of my little guys stamping “shamrocks” with half a green pepper. He is prompted to say "shamrock" each time he stamps one. He doesn’t even realize how many times he is practicing his articulation target! There are tons more ways to use a simple activity like this: articulation of sh and /k/, /st/ ("stamp"), past tense and pronouns (I stamped one, I stamped two!), descriptive adjectives and more.

Stamping Shamrocks with a green pepper
Stamping Shamrocks with a green pepper. Fun!
We create many, many opportunities for speech and language practice throughout the sessions, and I will be talking more in my next posts about embedding those speech and language opportunities for natural, fun learning! I invite you to follow Speech Sprouts on Bloglovin so you don't miss a post!  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hope to see you again soon!